Aww-Worthy Moments of Kids and Their Cats On National Kids & Pets Day

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To celebrate National Kids and Pets Day, we gathered some of the cutest, most heartwarming and completely AWW-worthy kid-pet moments. Seriously, these stories are so heart-meltingly precious you might find yourself squealing with joy like you're on a mountain top - but you're not. You're in your office and now your coworkers are concerned. But it's okay. You have these adorable kids and their adorable cats and all is right with the world!  

Like Shon, the 5-year-old superhero who just wants to save street cats

Or Maddox and Moon, who were destined to be best friends; they both have heterochromia and a cleft lip. 

Click here for their story! 

Or 11-year-old Romisa, who wrote a 6-page report to convince her parents to let her adopt a cat!


And when 13-year-old Peyton created a "Wall of Sorrow" to guilt-trip her dad into adopting a cat.

Or when 10-year-old Gabi interviewed her cat, Coco, with purrfectly hilarious results.



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And when two kids received the news of a lifetime when they were reunited with their beloved cat, Gunther, a month after they’d been told he was dead.

Click here for the full story! 



Or how about Genie the cat who was named Cat of the Year in 2017 after she helped comfort her owner and best friend, 11-year-old Evie Henderson, through an aggressive cancer diagnosis. 

Click here for the full story!


And when little Easton decided to take home "Tiny," an overweight senior cat from the shelter - despite having his pick of any animal in the shelter (kittens and puppies included).

Click here for their full story!

And who could forget when 14-year-old Gavin ran into traffic to save Lucky the tabby after he was thrown from a moving car?

Click here to read their full story! 


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