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The CATS at The Denver Airport Will Ease Your Travel Stress! June 13 2022, 0 Comments

Airplane travel can be stressful. And since the onset of Covid-19, those stress levels seemed to have only increased for travelers, what with all the canceled flights and of course the stress of possibly contracting COVID. But if you are traveling in or out of the Denver International Airport, there’s a group readily available to help eliminate some of that travel stress from your trip: The DENVER CATS.

Xeli the Cat at the Denver Airport

The DENVER CATS are a dedicated group of volunteer pets and owners of over 80 dogs (wait, what?) and one cat named Xeli. CATS is actually an acronym for Canine Airport Therapy Squad - because who doesn’t love a great acronym? 

While someone certainly had a sense of humor when naming the group, owners share their time and family pets to participate in this program. All CATS are registered with a recognized pet therapy association and are trained and insured.

Representing more than 40 breeds, DENVER CATS is one of the largest therapy animal programs in the country. The team is made up of four-legged volunteers who delight travelers and ease their travel worries with a friendly tail-wag. It's been shown that petting an animal can help release oxytocin, the "feel-good" hormone, as well as lower cortisol, a primary hormone related to stress.  

Travelers can encounter the ever-helpful and ever-adorable CATS throughout the airport, sporting their distinctive violet plaid “Pet Me” vests. You can hug, pet, and take pictures with DEN’s affectionate comfort crew.


We’d welcome this type of air travel crew at any airport. Would you like to see this as part of a normal setup for airports?

Photographs provided courtesy of Denver International Airport and the Canine Airport Therapy Squad.

Ukrainian Cat Is Saved From Destroyed Building After Russian Forces Destroy It May 10 2022, 0 Comments

In a small bit of relief in a sea of awful news regarding Ukraine being invaded by Russia, a cat was saved from a destroyed building.

Russian soldiers ravaged the multi-story building in Borodyanka. As the rescue operation was looking for survivors, sharp eyes spotted the terrified feline on the 7th floor of the bombed-out building. 


Rescuers were able to get a firetruck and cherrypicker to reach the stranded cat. It was a difficult rescue as the building only had one stable wall remaining. 




Thankfully, the bedraggled cat was rescued and taken in by volunteers; cleaned up, fed, and cared for. 

Photo: Facebook / Eugene Kibets

In an update posted May 7th - it turns out that the rescued cat is in fact female, and she was recognized by her owner's thanks to all the coverage the cat’s rescue received. The lucky cat’s name is Gloria and she is 10 years old. 

According to Gerashchenko’s Twitter, when the bombings began, Gloria hid so well that her owners couldn’t find her and they had to make the difficult decision to save themselves and leave Gloria behind. Gloria’s owners hope to be reunited with her. 

Another cat was also saved from bombings and was adopted by the Ukrainian government: 



87 Rescue Animals Saved From Forest Fire in Florida April 27 2022, 0 Comments

Emergency evacuations can be scary for anyone, especially when you have small children and pets to contend with and a short time to get them to safety. But imagine having nearly 90 pets that need to be moved immediately.

That’s what happened to animal rescue Salty Cats of St. Andrews Rescue in Panama City, Florida. Jackie Mihal, who runs the rescue, stepped out into her backyard to care for her animals - only to be greeted by a wall of flames. The woods surrounding her home (and rescue) were completely ablaze. “No warning, none. The whole woods was on fire,” said Mihal. 

With no time to spare, she jumped into action to save her rescued feral, stray, and abandoned cats (and rabbits). Luckily three Good Samaritans were in the area offering to help with the evacuations and joined in to help move the animals - Brian Salmon, Scott Morris, and Scott Trunzo. 

The four formed a makeshift “bucket brigade” to get the animals to safety, with Mihal loading the cats into crates as quickly as she could and handing them off to be loaded into a waiting trailer. 

“The building was being engulfed in smoke,” Mihal said. “I keep all my windows open, and smoke was pouring in. We didn’t know how much time we’d have before the building went up. I never could have gotten it done if Salmon, Morris, and Trunzo hadn’t been there.”

All 87 animals were safely loaded in about 20 minutes between the four of them. "I don't know how we were able to do what we did, but someone was definitely on our side," Mihal says. "The guys were a big, big help."

The rescue moved all 87 pets temporarily to a large storage building for shelter. Thankfully, the winds shifted, and the fire didn’t reach Mihal’s home or cat buildings - but the property was heavily smoke-damaged and uninhabitable.

The animals stayed at the temporary shelter for ten days while Mihal worked to replace the multitude of cat trees, blankets, beds, and toys that were damaged beyond repair.

"Everything had to be tossed out because of the smoke," said Mihal. "Then we had to wash everything down, repaint, and reseal everything before the cats could come back. 

Thanks to an outpouring of support from the community, Mihal was able to get all the animals back into her property.

"It's been tremendous," she says. "People are bringing beds and toys and money. We're still getting towers in. We had about seven towers that had to be tossed,” Said Mihal.

"Someone donated the paint, which was huge. I had volunteers come help me paint. All that plays a huge part for us in terms of being able to continue helping animals."

A Unique Imaging Technique Reveals What a Cat's Purr Looks Like, And It's Beautiful April 20 2022, 0 Comments

The mystery of why cats purr has long been debated by scientists. While we're still not sure as to the why, we can now see what a cat's purr looks like - thanks to acoustical physics research scientist Casey Attebery, AKA Mr. E-Scholar, and a special cymatic device.

Cymatics is the study of sound and vibration made visible. Cymatics uses this device as a frequency generator that uses sand, powders, or liquids to create and capture animated patterns. 

While cymatics doesn’t really ‘show’ what a cat’s purr looks like, it can create patterns using liquids activated by the resonance of a cat purring. Using a small dish of fluid attached to a speaker, Attebery is able to capture in image form the unique purrs of four cats: Fran, Yuri, Tigger and Effie.

why do cats purrA still image of cat Fran's purr.

As the vibrations from the cat purrs move the liquid, custom-colored lights illuminate and capture the movement of the liquid, and thus the ‘movement’ of the purr.  

The video below demonstrates the results of cymatics to a beautiful effect - and as a bonus, soothing cat purrs. 

Do you see any recognizable shapes in these almost psychedelic patterns?

Scientists have learned that cats purr with a consistent pattern and sound frequencies between 25 and 150 Hertz; these fluctuating frequencies provide the varying visual patterns shown in the videos.

We may not know exactly why cats purr. But we know that many species of felid produce a “purr-like” sound. And in domestic cats, the sound is most prevalent when a cat is nursing her kittens or through human social contact. 

Many cat parents may assume that a cat’s purr is a pleasure response, but did you know that cats also use purring during stressful moments, or in response to pain? Some researchers believe purring acts as a form of self-soothing - and maybe even self-healing.

Remember those 25 and 150 Hertz frequencies we mentioned earlier? Investigations have shown that frequencies in this range can "improve bone density and promote healing" as per Scientific American.

[h/t Cole and Marmalade]

PSA: Easter Lilies Are Extremely Toxic To Cats April 15 2022, 2 Comments

As Easter approaches, those that celebrate this flower-filled holiday may be decorating their home with lilies. While these beautiful flowers make lovely springtime decorations, if you have a cat at home you should opt for roses in your vase instead!

Keep your cats AWAY from lilies. There are plenty of cat-safe decorations you can use to celebrate Easter. 

Many cat owners don't know that these beautiful flowers are 100% toxic to cats of all sizes and ages. 

If a cat eats even a small amount of a leaf or flower petal, or licks a few pollen grains off its fur while grooming, or even laps at water from the vase, it can result in fatal kidney failure in as little as three days

According to the FDA, lilies in the “true lily” and “daylily” families are very dangerous for cats.  The lily plant is toxic in its entirety, including the stems, flowers, leaves, pollen, and even water in the vase.

If your cat is seen consuming any part of a lily, bring your cat (and the plant) immediately to a veterinarian for medical care. When in doubt, call your veterinarian or an animal poison control center for life-saving information. The sooner you bring in your cat, the better and more efficiently the lily poisoning can be treated. 

Not all lilies are highly toxic to cats, some are benign. It is important to know the difference! 

The most dangerous lilies include: 

  • Easter lilies
  • Tiger lilies
  • Day lilies
  • Asiatic hybrid lilies
  • Japanese show lilies
  • Rubrum lilies
  • Stargazer lilies
  • Red lilies
  • Western lilies
  • Wood lilies

Benign lilies include the Peace, Peruvian, and Calla lilies – these aren’t “true lilies” and don’t come from the Lilium or Hemerocallis species. They pose less of a risk, but can still cause discomfort and illness if ingested.

Can't tell the difference? When in doubt, just don't bring lilies into your home or opt for a fake lily instead - or a safer, cat-friendly houseplant. It's worth it to protect your feline family member. 

As cats are naturally curious, inquisitive creatures that actually do like to munch on plants, cats are capable of jumping up onto the taller spots where you might attempt to keep the lilies out of reach, like on a mantle, window, counter, and even fridge top. It is better to keep lilies completely out of your home if you have a cat.

Pet Poison Control Centers

To ensure you and your cat(s) have a safe and happy Easter, don't bring lilies into your home! Please spread the word with fellow cat lovers who may not know. 


Ukrainian Cat Café Lviv Continues to Stay Open During Russian Invasion April 15 2022, 0 Comments


As we head toward the 7th week since Russia invaded Ukraine, the Ukrainian people continue to show the world their resilience.

This includes the Cat Café Lviv which is staying open during the invasion. The café, which has been open for six years, is a place to enjoy a meal and coffee while you interact with the café’s 20 cats. 

Even with the Russian invasion happening all around the country the café owners will be staying to take care of their 20 co-hosts.

“I have a small team of several close people who have been working with me for several years and have become my closest friends. The cats have also gotten used to these people, who help to take care of them and who play with them when there are few guests because our fluffy residents love people’s attention,” owner Serhii Oliinyk told The Dodo.

“Our cats have been living in [the] cat cafe since the age of 4 months. They are like family. We realized that we would never leave our country, that this was the only place where we could see ourselves in the future,” Oliinyk said.

Cat Cafe Lviv, Facebook

“We currently have fewer regular visitors, but there are people who have come from other cities and need hot food and positive emotions. There are three large rooms in our cafe, two of which are located in the basement, so in case of an air raid warning, there is a safe shelter for our guests and cats.”

The owner and staff want to continue to provide a safe and soothing place for people still living in the city to come and enjoy some stress-free time with the cats.

For a tour inside the cafe:

You can follow the cats and their amazing caretakers of the Cat Café Lviv via their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catcafelviv. 

Blind Cat 'Nado' Saved From Texas Animal Shelter Destroyed by Tornado March 29 2022, 2 Comments


When a tornado hit Texas last week it not only damaged dozens of homes and ripped the roofs off two schools, it also destroyed the Jacksboro Animal Shelter.

The shelter suffered a direct hit from the tornado, and photos shared by Tall Tails Rescue and Transport,  a local nonprofit rescue organization show the wreckage. 

Thankfully, the animals housed in the shelter have all been accounted for and only suffered minor injuries from the tornados destruction. 

One surprisingly determined survivor is a blind cat, now affectionately named "Nado" by his rescuer.

Found alone and frightened in the wreckage, buried under rubble and covered in mud and debris, Nado's rescuer said the cat was frightened but was in good health overall.  Thankfully for Nado, his rescuer took him home, cleaned him up, and is now nursing him back to health. 



The community has come together to help these shelter animals that were already in need, and even in need even more-so after the destruction.

The other dogs and cats housed in the Jacksboro Animal Shelter have been placed in various local shelters, foster homes or the Live Oak veterinary clinic after being rescued and transported by Tall Tails Rescue and Transport.


White House Welcomes Former Farm Cat As New First Kitty February 03 2022, 0 Comments

The White House has announced that the First Family has a new First Kitty - a former barn cat named Willow.

Photo by Jill Biden, Twitter

First lady Jill Biden met Willow when the cat interrupted a speech she was giving at a Pennsylvania farm. 

“She [Jill Biden] was speaking and she stopped, acknowledged the cat, but she continued to walk down and jumped and sat in a chair in the front row, right in front of her,” says Willow's former owner, Rick Telesz. “Even after she got done talking, she made some comments towards the cat.” 

Photo by Jill Biden, Twitter

“Seeing their immediate bond, the owner of the farm knew that Willow belonged with Dr. Biden,” Michael LaRosa, the lady’s spokesman, said in a news release.



People Magazine reports Willow is getting plenty of cat toys and treats and is settling in just fine - and has plenty of space to roam. Do you think she has security clearance for the Oval Office?

Named after the first lady’s hometown of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, the cat will be the first to live in the White House since India, a black cat adopted by former President George W. Bush.

 India the Cat Miss Beazley and Barney Halloween 2007 (cropped)

The White House has a long history of pets including cats. Here are a few highlights!


President Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865)

Lincoln is believed to have been the first President to bring cats into the White House.  Secretary of State William Seward gifted Lincoln two cats named “Tabby” and ironically “Dixie”. He also rescued 3 motherless kittens while visiting General Grant during the Civil War.


President Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881)

A fan of felines, Hayes was the recipient of the first Siamese cat in the United States. The cat named Siam was a gift to first lady Lucy Hayes from David B. Sickels, an American diplomat in Bangkok. Siam joined the Hayes’ current cat Piccolomini.


President Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909)

Known as a conservationist, Teddy Roosevelt had a large collection of White House pets including cats. One cat was named “Tom Quartz” after the cat from Mark Twain’s book Roughing It. And White House guests could find six-toed “Slippers” napping all over the house.


President Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929)

"Tige" the White House cat and pet of Mrs. Coolidge has been returned LCCN2002713128

President Coolidge had a variety of pets at the White House. This included 4 cats named, Tiger, Blacky, Bounder and Timmie as well as a bobcat named Smoky.


President Gerald Ford (1974-1977)

The President’s daughter Susan brought her Siamese cat Shan Shein with her to the White House. Shan Shein could usually be found hiding under the bed in the Lincoln bedroom.


President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)

Like Ford’s daughter Susan, Carter’s daughter Amy also liked Siamese cats. She brought Misty Malarky Ying Yang with her to live in the White House. Some of Misty’s antics included meowing along with Amy’s violin playing and hanging out in the first daughter’s dollhouse.


President Bill Clinton (1993-2001)

Photograph of President William Jefferson Clinton with Socks the Cat Perched on Clinton's Shoulder- 12-20-1993 (6461509201)

One of the most well-known and beloved first cats was Socks. He had a book, website and a song written about him as well as an unreleased console video game for Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.


President George W. Bush (2001-2009)

Beautiful black cat India joined the Bush family when they moved to the White House. She liked to spend her days in the well-lighted presidential library and had her own website.



Pet Parents React To Pope's Remarks: Choosing Pets Over Kids is Selfish January 11 2022, 7 Comments


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