Meet Our Fosters

Here at Meowingtons, we believe that every cat deserves to find a forever home. And our mission is to help these amazing felines in any way we can. To give back to our feline community, our team is part of The Office Cats Foster Program at the Humane Society of Broward County. We foster cats from our office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, helping take care of these kitties 'til they can find their forever homes!   

Meowingtons also supports our local 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue The Lady Luck Animal Rescue and their adoption center, the Good Luck Cat Cafe, in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

Every month, Meowingtons sponsors the adoption fee of a cat at the cafe to help find them their purr-fect forever homes. Your purr-chases help rescue cats like these find their way home.

Adopted cafe kitties in 2020.



Meet Freya (and her sister, Idun) our sponsored cat for May! Freya is an almost 7-year-old Snowshoe mix with beautiful blue eyes. Idun is a stunning Lynx point tabby Snowshoe mix with blue eyes just like her sister. They are both available for adoption at the Good Luck Cat Cafe in #ftlauderdale, FL. 

Freya and Idun were returned because their adopter had to move overseas to care for a family member. These snuggly sisters are bonded and would love to go to home together.




This mini house panther is looking for his forever home at the Good Luck Cat Cafe ⁠in For Lauderdale, FL! He’s a CUDDLEBUG who loves to greet you for hugs, will give you headbonks, and will sleep on your chest - snuggles abound from this cutie.

For more info, you can visit him at the cafe or fill out an application at! Lady Luck Animal Rescue



ATTENTION CAT LOVERS: Looking for a snuggly, kiss-giving kitten who gets along with dogs and other cats? Look no further than our Very Good Boy, Rufus 😻 Meowingtons is sponsoring his adoption fee as part of our Cat of the Month program, in hopes of helping him find his purrfect forever home!


ADOPTED 2-13-23

Meet Kelpie!

This brave kitten was named after a mythical water creature because she swam her way to safety! A family saw a little kitten on the other side of a canal in Miami, but couldn't reach her. When the kitten saw them, she began meowing. A duck jumped into the water, the kitten leaped in straight after it and swam straight to the family! She was immediately scooped up and taken to the rescue. 


ADOPTED 4-11-2023

Say hello to Echo (Echo, Echo)! Born approximately March 22, 2019, Echo and her siblings were originally rescued as babies; Echo was adopted alongside her brother, River.

Unfortunately, their owner passed away and they were returned to the cafe in January 2023. 

Echo is a beautiful, sleek midnight black cat that can be a little reserved with new people - she is laid back, and once she gets to know you, she loves to sleep on your legs or in bed with you at night. She'll sit for hours if you give her ears and face a good rub.

She is a little obsessed with shoe boxes, in that her favorite place to nap is in a shoe box, and she will carry around shoe laces in her mouth! 

Echo is spayed, FIV/Felv tested negative, microchipped, vaccinated (including rabies), fecal tested negative, and dewormed.

Want to meet Echo? You can visit her at the cafe or fill out an adoption form.





Meet MAX!  ~2 years old, Max is an extremely chill dude, whose main hobbies include:⁠
1) Cuddling in laps⁠
2) Purring and making biscuits in said laps ⁠
3) Eating & then napping on the windowsill⁠
4) Throwing his toys in the air - he's into EXTREME SPORTS!!⁠
5) Seriously he loves cuddling & will roll over for pets. ⁠

Max is located at the @_goodluckcatcafe in #FtLauderdale, FL, and has already stolen everyone's hearts! He needs a stress-free environment and would be happiest as an only cat. 😻 For more information contact or text 754-366-3669.⁠

Max is neutered, FIV/Felv tested negative, microchipped, vaccinated (including rabies), fecal tested negative, and dewormed.

Want to meet Max? You can visit him at the cafe or fill out an adoption form.



Meet Dahlia - ADOPTED!

 Dahlia is an adorable tabico (tabby + calico) with a stunning classic tabby swirl. Meowingtons has sponsored her adoption fee in hopes of helping find her new family.

Dahlia and her four siblings were rescued as babies as part of a trapping project at a trailer park. Their mom was TNR'd, and the Lady Luck Animal Rescue was asked to take and socialize her kittens. 

Dahlia is an incredibly sweet, dainty and affection kitten - her half-ginger, half-tabby face is just the tip of the cuteness iceberg with this kitty! In her foster home, Dahlia loved jumping on her foster mom's chest for cuddles and kisses. She is extremely loving and will welcome any and all attention offered to her. 

Dahlia is spayed, FIV/Felv tested negative, microchipped, vaccinated (including rabies), fecal tested negative, and dewormed.

Want to meet Dahlia? You can visit her at the cafe or fill out an adoption form.




Trick-or-treat, smell my peets, give me something good to eats! 😻🍭 This sweet-as-candy kitten and his siblings were rescued after their mom was successfully TNR'd, and all were named after flowers!
Happily, Snapdragon was adopted alongside his tabby brother, Aster.
Happy tails!




ADOPTED April 22nd, 2019

3 years old, Domestic Short Hair, At the Shelter Since August 2018

This 3-year-old girl is extremely playful and has a TON of purr-sonality. She was surrendered to the shelter because her owners lost their home and could no longer care for her.

Diamond is a total snuggle bug who loves to sleep next to her hoomans, and she’ll even greet you at the door like a dog! Diamond gets along with people of all ages, as well as other cats. She always has a sweet meow for you and doesn't mind being picked up or held.

Diamond has been in the shelter since August 2018. She found her forever home on April 22nd, 2019! 

You can follow her on Instagram @diamond_inthefluff



4-6 Months Old, Ginger Tabby DSH, Rescued from Car Engine

Meet Rusty! Meowingtons rescued this li'l fella from a car engine in our parking lot. Thanks to the cold snap, he had crawled inside a car engine to keep warm - yes, even here in South Florida! Luckily, we were able to get him out and to the safety of our office. After scanning him for a microchip, it was determined Rusty did not have a home. Our friends at Humane Broward neutered him and he is now part of our Office Foster program! 

Rusty is a playful kitten who's just as much a snuggle bug as he is adorable! He'll curl up and fall asleep in your lap. He purrs like an engine and is always ready to snuggle with his humans.

He would prefer to be an "only" cat, as he is still learning his "kitty" manners with other felines. 

 You can follow him on Instagram at @trusty__rusty


Miguel, 2 years old, Black DSH, In Shelter Since October 2018

You can follow me on Instagram: @midnight_miguel

Hi, I’m Miguel! My big ears kind of make me look like a bat 🦇- but I’m all cat🐈! My mew friends @meowingtonsco are fostering me until I can find my forever home. I have been at the shelter @hsbroward since October 2018 after my owners surrendered me due to developing allergies. I’m a sweet, sociable kitty who will shower you with head bonks and nuzzles. For real, I can’t get enough! I’m still adjusting to my new foster home and a little camera shy right meow - but I’m still giving my foster humans plenty of love and cuddles! I also think there needs to be a black cat emoji RIGHT MEOW! 🌚




Betsy was adopted by one of our Meowingtons team members - our first-ever Meowingtons Foster Fail! As Betsy and Blusie were not bonded they were adopted individually!

You can follow her in her forever home on Instagram: @sweet__betsy

Betsy is a 5-year-old Torbie with a big personality and even bigger heart - and just the right amount of Tortitude! She was surrendered after 5 years because her owner developed allergies. 😿 While she's a bit on the chunky side, that just means there's more of her to love! She loves to be pet and is extremely playful. She is great with kids and adults and as you can see will get along with another calm kitty. 


Blusie was adopted into a loving home with two other kitties! 

You can follow her in her forever home on Instagram: @shadesofblusie

Blusie is a 2-year-old Classic Tabby with golden eyes and a big heart. Blusie was surrendered because another pet in the home was bullying her. She does, however, get along with other cats as you can see! She comes running to greet you and will happily follow you around the house. She ADORES pets and will let you know when it's time for a cuddle. She loves to be held and is great with kids and adults. 



Female, Domestic Shorthair Mix, 4 years old, 8 lbs

Oreo was adopted by a loving cat dad and is happy in her new home with four other kitties! 

Meet Oreo! Oreo is a 4-year-old beauty with the sweetest personality. She runs to greet you at the door when you get home. She's playful and energetic but is just as happy to chill next to you on the couch. Oreo was in the communal cat room at the shelter and gets along well with other cats!

She has been in the shelter since March 2018 - and has been returned twice through no fault of her own. She was first surrendered because her owners were moving and couldn't take her. The second time she thought she found her forever family, but was returned after a few weeks because a young family member suddenly developed allergies.



Thomas O'Malley - ADOPTED!

Fostered: April 24, 2018
Adopted: May 31, 2018

Male, Ginger Tabby, 5 years old, 11.3 lbs

Thomas is our newest foster kitty! Sadly, he was surrendered to the shelter after his owner of 5 years decided they "didn't have time" for Thomas. Thomas is great with adults and kids - and actually prefers kids! He is a quiet, friendly cat. Very affectionate, Thomas loves head and tail scratchies. He's quite playful and likes to watch birds.

He was adopted by our friend at Kitty Cardboard, who made the 4-hour drive from Key West to adopt him! You can follow Thomas in his new home here


Jessa - ADOPTED! 

Fostered: March 27, 2018
Adopted: April 18, 2018

Female, Lilac Point Siamese, 3 years old

Jessa was surrendered to the shelter after her owner of 3 years developed an allergy. She is great with kids and adults. She is friendly, affectionate, and will greet you at the door - her previous owner said she even sleeps in bed with you! 


Fostered: Jan 30th, 2018
Adopted: Mar 15, 2018

Duff is a Maine Coon mix that came to us after he and four other cats were abandoned in a parking lot. Duff's fur was so matted with dirt and feces they thought that he was a female, at first! He was also extremely malnourished, weighing only 8 pounds at 4 years old. After 6 weeks in our office (with plenty of treats and wet food to gain some weight!) Duff found his forever home! 

Raphael & Louie - ADOPTED! 

Males, Grey Tabbies, 7 years old

Fostered: July 2017
Adopted: April 2018

We had Raphael and Louie in our office for 6 months; in that time, they stole our hearts. Survivors of a fire in which they lost their homes and several of their siblings, Raphael and Louie have been through a lot - but they never let it break them.  Their human mom made the decision to place the remaining cats up for adoption, knowing that if she couldn’t care for herself she couldn’t care for them.

Louie and Raphael were two of the first cats HSBC accepted and they quickly won over the staff with how friendly and charming they were. They watched as all their other siblings were adopted and they became the last two left.

Here at Meowingtons, we spoiled our Boys rotten. We were so happy when they went to their forever home. 

Unfortunately, they were returned to the shelter shortly after they were adopted. But thanks to a kind and loving cat lover, they finally found their forever home. You can follow their adventures in their new home, on their new Instagram