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Purr-fectly Timed Photos of Cats Sneezing October 19 2016, 4 Comments

If you are anything like me, the second my cat does anything remotely cute...I pull me phone out. This will eventually lead to a phone with over 1,000 photos of my cat sleeping, eating, and...sleeping. 

In saying this, I have no regrets. Photos of my cat brighten my day and help me get by when I am away from them. But taking an absurd amount of photos of you cat can also lead to some hilarious footage. 

Here are some cats who were caught mid-sneeze that are too adorable not to share.

1.This kitty looks like he is singing along to his favorite song. 

 Cat sneezing meowingtons

2. This cat is rolling their eye at you, 'DUH'.

Cat sneezing meowingtons

3. Arg, Monday again! 

Cat sneezing meowingtons

4. Someone must have had something extremely funny to say.

Cat sneezing meowingtons

5. This kitty looks like he's had a little too much Cat Wine

Cat sneezing meowingtons


Cat sneezing meowingtons

7. 'CHEESE' 

Cat sneezing meowingtons



Why Are Black Cats Considered Bad Luck? October 19 2016, 27 Comments

Go to any store selling Halloween decorations and I guarantee will see a black cat looking scary somewhere. Have you ever wondered what the deal is? Why are cats 'bad luck' and associated with Halloween?  

Turns out, black cats were considered a symbol of bad omens or being part of the which family. They claimed witches transformed themselves into black cats in order to prowl streets unobserved. So unless you still consider which craft a thing or believe humans can change themselves into animals then you can stop believing black cats are bad luck. That age old tale is over and they actually are even considered lucky in Australia and a few other countries.  

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

Here are some amazing black cat facts that will most hopefully change your view on this so-called 'spooky' pet!

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

1. They can  rust. 

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

Well, if they sit in the sun too long their fur changes to a reddish dark brown. They  call this 'rusting'. It usually goes back to normal black once the cat's melanin levels return to normal levels. This likely happens with outdoor cats or window lovers.

2. They are super cats.

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

According to research, black cats tend to have a higher resiliency against illness and diseases.

3. They have fire eyes.

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

These cats have so much melanin that it causes their irises to be golden/yellow! 

4. They are not bad luck! 

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

Hug a black cat this month ! 


why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

Products Under $15 That Are Basically Already in Your Cart October 17 2016, 0 Comments

With Holiday Season right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what you are going to get for everyone! 

This year avoid the long lines and packed stores and start your shopping online! Planning ahead and ordering things early will save you the headache of worrying if it will get to you on time. 

Here are some items that are so affordable you will be able to get yourself something too! I dare you to try and finish this list and not buy anything. 

1. Never be late for a vet appointment again with this Catier Cat Watch

meowingtons cat watch gift

2. Who doesn't need Diamond Cat Earrings  ? 

meowingtons cat gift

3. The perfect gift for the bookworm cat lady in your life! 

meowingtons cat gift


4. Who wouldn't want to have a drink with their cat? Cat wine is all the rage right meow.

meowingtons cat gift

5. This Cat Yarn ball charger is irresistible to kitties, but luckily it is strong enough to endure lots of pulling and biting. 


meowingtons cat gift

6. This Cool Cat Tank is sure to get some attention. 

meowingtons cat gift

7. Finally! A Cat Ear Headband that is actually believable ! 


8. Protect your phone in a mischievous cat way.

meowingtons cat gift

9. This Pearl Cat Ear Headband will set you apart. 

meowingtons cat gift

10. Don't forget about your cat! This toy is the purr-fect way to get your cat to exercise and entertain you at the same time! 

meowingtons cat gift


10 Unusual Friendships That Are Absolutely Adorable October 11 2016, 3 Comments

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes your family pets get along, whereas other times...not so much. Cats can get a bad rep for being kind of...rude. So whenever you bring a new animal into the house, you expect the worst.

Cats are pretty independent creatures, but that doesn't mean they can't make friends. The 'all dogs hate cats' assumption is all wrong. Most of the time, the family dog loves the cat and wants to play...it's the cats who have their own agenda. 


But this is not always the case, there are some cats who put up with the dog, birds or even the lizards. Many who say they are even good friends. Here are some photos of cats who have formed a bond with some creatures you would not expect. 

1. This one is too cute, monkey and kitten!!! 


2. You can't stop true love!

Cats with strange friends

3. Really curious how this relationship started! 

4. What a cute snuggle sesh! 

5. This is an unusual one! 

6. Apparently, gingers love turtles! 

7. This will never make any sense! 

8. This one is too good. 

9. Who?

10. Aussie cats! 



10 Things You Didn't Know About The Maine Coon Breed October 10 2016, 8 Comments

The Maine Coon is known as the largest breed of cat in the world.

large maine coon 

The Maine Coon Cat is a native American long-haired cat. There are countless stories and tales about how or where the Maine Coon came about. Their size, fluff, hunting talents and lovable personality make them a cat to  remember. 

Have you ever heard of a Maine Coon Cat before? Here are some interesting facts about this amazing breed.

1. Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat . A male can weigh up to 18 pounds! Pictured below is one of the largest at 28 pounds and four feet long!

maine coon


2. They can have up to 75 different color combinations.

Maine coon cat facts

3. Like dogs, they love social and human interaction. They are loyal, friendly, and get along great with childern and other animals (just not mice).

maine coon facts meowingtons

4. Rather than meowing they chirp. See video below. 

5. They are well suited for the winter. They have long, shaggy fur and large paws that can help them walk on snow. They have extremely bushy tails that can also serve as extra warmth if needed.

maine coon cat facts meowingtons

6. Their fur is water-resistant and can swim well. Most Maine Coons enjoy the water, unlike most domestic cats. 

maine coon facts meowingtons


7. Some Maine Coons are born with 6 toes! "

Early in the breed’s development, Maine Coons were often polydactyls, meaning they were born with extra appendages on their paws. Some experts estimate that as many as 40% of early Maine Coons had this characteristic. It stemmed from a genetic mutation, which some people say helped the cats use their paws as “natural snowshoes” during snowy Maine winters." - 

Susan Grindell MSc, BOptom 

maine coon six toes

8. The longest living cat, although only half Maine Coon, lived to 26 years old ! 

maine coon meowingtons

9. Not surprisingly, Maine Coons were made the Official State Cat of Maine in 1985.

10.  They can be pricey, a typical Maine Coon will coat around $1,000. But as you can tell from all these facts, they can be well worth it! 


wine cat 


Cats in Costumes. Cute or Cruel? October 05 2016, 2 Comments


An estimated $330 million will be spent on pet costumes this Halloween Season. This number has jumped an astonishing 65% since 2010. 

Is this trend cruel or harmless? 

It all depends on how you look at it. Here at Meowingtons we believe you should never force your cat into something they don't want and if they look distressed, to take the costume off your pet. As long as the animal is not being physically hurt, there's no harm in dressing them up for a photo that will last you a lifetime. Cats enjoy making their humans laugh (and cry), so as long as they are ok with it, then so are we!  

Here are some photos of cats who are enjoying their new looks! 

1. Here is a little lion man! 

cat costume meowingtons

2. Look Mom! I look AMAZING!!!! 

cat meowingtons

3. RWAR! 

cat costume Meowingtons

4. Lazy Bunny Rabbit.

cat costume Meowingtons

5. This kitty is extra focused on being Dino-like.

cat costume Meowingtons

6. This bumble-bee is lookin' extra cute.

cat costume

7. This kitty looks extra dapper in his new bow-tie 

cat costume Meowingtons




6 Things You Didn't Know About Orange Tabby Cats October 04 2016, 33 Comments


If you have ever owned an orange cat, you know they are special. Their mischievous ways and good looks are a recipe for greatness. Here are some fun facts about this breed that we all love so much!

tabby cat

1. The orange tabby cat is not actually its own separate breed. They are simply called that because of their appearance. 

2. Many orange tabbies will develop little black freckles on their nose and mouth area. This is common after the first year or two of their lives.

tabby cat meowingtons

3. They come in 4 beautiful coat types, classic (swirled), mackerel (striped), spotted, and ticked (agouti). See the difference in the photos below! 

tabby cat orange fun facts meowingtons

4. Most owners will say their orange cat is very social. But as we know all cats are unique, that being said some can be shy! But overall orange cats are lovers and extremely playful! 

5. There are no tabbies with a solid orange coat. But, there are non-orange tabbies with solid coats.

6. Most orange tabby cats are males. There are 80 males to every 20 females! No wonder they are usually mischievous!

Dress your orange tabby as a LION this Halloween! Our Lion Mane Cat Costume is the PUR-fect fit for a ginger cat. It blends so well with their fur! 
cat costume meowingtons

Does your orange cat have particular characteristics ? Tell us about them! We love to learn more. 

Never Drink Alone Again, Now We Have Wine for Cats. September 28 2016, 2 Comments

Who’s feline like a drink?

Yup, that's right. 

wine for cats meowingtons

Sit down, relax, have a drink with your...cat.

Now this product sure does LOOK a lot like wine but it shares nothing similar in terms of ingredients. Alcohol for cats is not what we are talking about here people -- it's alcohol-free & grape-free. It is a Catnip & beet based cat wine created by Apollo Peak so that your kitty can safely enjoy a glass of 'wine'. 

wine for cats

Now rather than hyping your cat up, drinking or eating catnip has a different effect than smelling it. When eaten, catnip actually has the opposite effect, your cat mellows out. Rather than the typical rolling, flipping, and rubbing all over the catnip and eventually doing something to make you laugh.  This wine will help them unwind with you, so you can relax together! Since you both had such hard days at work! 


Wine for cats


wine for cats

Cat for cats cat wine meowingtons



The Purfect Cat Toys to Ensure You Get a Good Night's Sleep September 26 2016, 1 Comment

As you know, we love cats. 

Meowingtons is a one stop shop for all your crazy cat lady needs. But there has been missing something. 

Something that is pretty important if you are a lover of cats. 

And finally we are happy to announce..we finally carry CAT TOYS in our store! You no longer have to explain to your cat that you spent all your money on things for yourself. So the next time you buy yourself any new cat jewelry, apparel, and home decor, your cat will be getting something too! It's a win-win!   

1. Midnight Craze Cat Toy

meowingtons cat toys


Indoor cats rarely get enough exercise. With this toy you can roll it around and they will go crazy hitting it around the room, until it gets stuck under the table and they kindly meow really loud until you get it out for them.

2. Feather Ball Cat Wand

Cat toy


It is said that if you spend 10-20 minutes playing with your cat before bed they are more likely to stay asleep at night. Which means you do too! This wand is the perfect way to lay in bed and play with your kitty before bed time, you get some good laughs and they get the hunting bug out of their system! 

3. Mouse Cat Toy

cat toy

This little cutie will have your cat running around the house all day! The mouse shape mixed with the feathers makes it irresistible to them!


Halloween Cat Costumes That Everyone is Raving About. September 21 2016, 2 Comments

Halloween is a holiday enjoyed by all ages... and creatures! Dressing up and eating copious amounts of candy NEVER gets old. 

Here at Meowingtons we enjoy playing dress up like the rest of you! Here are some ideas for you and your cat to try this year. 

1. Be a little lion! 

meowingtons cat costume Halloween

2. Librarian. Shh.

meowingtons cat costume Halloween

3. Bumble Bee and Lion Superheros ! 

meowingtons cat costume Halloween

4. Dino-cat ! RAWR

meowingtons cat costume Halloween

5. Trump Cat! 

meowingtons cat costume Halloween

6. Bunny Cat! 

meowingtons cat costume Halloween

7. Who cares if you were a cat last year! Be a cat again ! Your cat will be flattered. 

8. Professor Meowingtons. 

meowingtons cat costume Halloween

9. Coming soon! Cat Onesie!! Pre-Order meow! 

9. All these are on Meowingtons.com ! 


meowingtons cat costume Halloween