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11-year-old Girl Writes 6-page Report to Convince Parents to Adopt a Cat June 28 2017, 3 Comments

11-year-old Romesa took up the well-worn banner of thousands of petless children everywhere when she penned an epic, 6-page report on why her parents should let her adopt a cat. 

"I thought I would write a report about a cat because that's what I really want," she told Buzzfeed. Romesa added that she loves to write, so it was easy to come up with the six pages. Using her skills and trusty ol' Google, she wrote the report up in an hour.   

Rimsha, Romesa's older sister, shared her sister's report on Twitter. 

Romesa's essay extols the numerous benefits of adopting a cat from a medical, physical and even emotional standpoint, citing that cats can warn you about seizures, they're good for developing kids' self-esteem and socialization, and that if you own a cat, you're about 8% less likely to have to see a doctor.

Needless to say, folks on Twitter were impressed.


Romesa also added “It will also help me to get off my electronics because I will have a cute friend to play with," noting that her parents are always asking her to put down her electronic devices. Clever girl!  

The young cat-owner-to-be didn't pull any literary punches and went right for the heartstrings. She wrote that “having a cat to play with will make me feel less lonely,” and that it would "make me and Api happy." 



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Romesa even tells her parents point-blank, "I just really want a cat because it would just change my life." We couldn't agree more! For good measure and a bit of masterful guilt-tripping, Romesa added, "Who doesn't want their own children to be happy?" Signed with a tactful, "Your Dear Old Lovely Daughter."


This girl even played the religion card! She really pulled out all the stops.


Romesa said she'd like a Persian cat because they're "fluffy," but really wants to rescue one from a shelter, “so I could save a cat because that’s really important to me.”

Older sister Rimsha tells Buzzfeed that the chances of Romesa's successes are at about 80%.

All we can say is, come on, Mom and Dad! Get that kid a cat! It is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, after all. The timing couldn't be more purr-fect!



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[h/t Buzzfeed]

8 Signs Your Cat is a Dog Trapped in a Cat's Body June 28 2017, 0 Comments

Is your cat confused on whether it should do a bork or do a meow? They might just be a doggo. Look for these 8 signs to see if your cat is actually a dog trapped, Poltergeist-style, in a cat's body. 




1. Your cat is down to play fetch.




2. For treats, they enjoy a nice rawhide bone.




3. They really, really like sticks. And also have an unending supply of energy to fetch said sticks. 




4. They like to drive with the windows down so they can feel the wind in their fur. 





5. When you ask, "Are you ready for walkies?" Their reply is, "I was born ready for walkies, Karen.



Instagram - @ganddygram 



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Instagram - @boltandkeel 



6. If your cat has abandoned this "If I fits, I sits" nonsense and only sleeps in a dog-sized bed, they might actually be a dog. 



Or, you know, your cat is just a jerk. But maybe (probably) also a dog. 





7. They do that gross thing that dogs do on generic family comedy shows.





8. They literally dress up as a dog. 




Does your cat do weird things that dogs normally do? Let us know! 



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20 Cat Snaps That Will Make You Want a Cat Right Meow June 28 2017, 0 Comments

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, so here are 20 Snapchat snaps from cats that will make you want to go out and adopt one right meow!


Some cats (despite popular belief) are pretty patient when it comes to kids.  


snaps from ur cat





Cats also have excellent selfie skills, a must-have in this day and age. 



cat selfie



When you're looking for a cat, they make it pretty easy to choose. Because you don't choose the cat, the cat chooses you!





They are the life of the party.





And, according to cats, "Cats have standards. Unlike dogs."






Sure, they act like spoiled brats sometimes ... 





But they also know it's important to enjoy the little things.





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Some cats might not be the sharpest crayons in the box.




But we love them anyway. 



They make lovely, quiet neighbors who don't do weird stuff in their apartment.




For the most part, at least.





They are one of the world's prettiest creatures ... 





Scars and all.





Sometimes they just need some, um, proper grooming.




Cats are more like people than you'd think. They have good days and bad days, just like we do.





Sometimes they get scared.






They do things they don't mean.





But all they really want is to be loved. 





Well, what are you waiting for? Go out and adopt your new best friend!  



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Rescued Kittens Grow Up With An Unlikely Best Friend: Ultraman June 27 2017, 0 Comments


When a Japanese family rescued an orphaned kitten and nursed him back to health with round-the-clock care, they never thought their new little buddy would take the Internet by storm.


They named the little ginger Koma. At only three days old, the tiny kitten hadn't even opened his eyes yet.



His new parents decided that little Koma needed a protector, someone to stick by his side as they documented his progress through kittenhood. They settled on only the best for their little kitten, a true superhero: Ultraman.



Koma's owners did such an amazing job posing the Ultraman toy with Koma that the toy actually seems to evoke emotion. You can almost suspend reality, and for a moment, Ultraman is real. 




Ultraman, a Japanese superhero, is supposed to be tasked with protecting Earth from invading monsters and aliens. One could say that protecting a tiny, helpless kitten is equally as important, if not more so. 


When Koma's eyes finally opened, Ultraman was right there to help the little ginger learn how to walk ... 



Koma's fur parents ensured that Ultraman was there to watch over his best bud during those crucial catnaps. 





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As the days passed and Koma grew larger, Ultraman stayed the same size. But their adorable make-believe friendship stayed the same.  








Koma and his BFF, Ultraman, still spend hours napping together. 






But recently, Koma and his beloved toy had to make room for the newest member of their family, 5-month-old rescue kitty Hachi. 






Hachi didn't seem to mind the idea of having a "hand-me-down" toy. Even though Ultraman is awful small, it seems there is more than enough of him to go around.





The two happy, healthy rescue cats spend their days cuddling up and posing for even more adorable photos with their favorite superhero toy. 




And celebrating their new lives in their forever home! 




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[h/t LoveMeow - Photos: @komagram2015]

Yoga with Shelter Cats is the Purrfect Workout For Your Body and Soul June 24 2017, 0 Comments


Here at Meowingtons, we've always been of the opinion that cats make everything better. So when the Miami-Dade Animal Services teamed up with greenmonkey® Yoga to host "Meowmaste," a yoga class featuring some of their adoptable kittens ... It was time to break out the yoga mats and pet some cats.


cat yoga cat yogi  

Green Monkey yoga instructor Marrisa Lew led the 45-minute class, aided by one of the shelter's many adoptable kittens. June is in the middle of "Kitten Season," so shelters all across the US are flooded with kittens in need of homes. June also happens to be Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! Talk about purrfect timing.


greenmonkey yoga


Anywhere from 28,000-30,000 animals a year stream into the Miami-Dade Animal Services facility, so spreading awareness and participation in adoption is paramount. And what better way to encourage adoption than getting to know the animals on a more personal level? 



ginger kitten ginger tabby


Participants laid out their yoga mats among the literal playground that was put out for the kittens; but as the class started, the toys were abandoned and the ladies became kitten playgrounds instead.


wild cat yoga leggings




In an interview, Marrisa Lew told CBS Miami that, “From almost a psychological standpoint, [yoga] really helps the animals calm down. It helps the humans calm down." Some of the kittens may have gotten a little too calm and decided to take a little catnap!



Studies have shown that yoga can benefit your body and your mind, helping to strengthen you core but also to ease stress, anxiety, and depression. Cats have been known to have the same calming effect on humans, and even help reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes. 



While some might find the cats distracting, the ladies in this class seemed more than happy to have a kitten nestled on their back or helping them with their form. "I think in a yoga class, people tend to get so caught up with what their pose should look like," said Lew. "And I think with cats running around, it kind of adds a bit of fun.” 



This little kitten was smitten with our Wild Cat Leggings


wild cat yoga leggings


Here we see one of the kittens giving instructions on her "Downward Facing Cat." No dogs allowed in cat yoga!


cat yoga


Another kitten yogi helping a student with her Bridge Pose. 



After the 45-minute class (and some catnaps) the kittens got a well-deserved treat


ciao cat treats


Interested in adopting one of the cute 'n cuddly kittens featured in these photos or getting your yoga on with some cats? You can find out more about Miami-Dade Animal Services' upcoming pet adoption events on their site, or find events closer to you! Each yoga class is $20, reservations are required (and they fill up quick)! All the proceeds go directly to the shelter to help other cats in need.



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Fearless House Cat Stares Down Lion June 23 2017, 0 Comments

cat vs lion


At the CARE Rescue in Texas, one little house cat decided she was going to be the new leader of the pride. In the hilarious video below, Baggy the "housemeow," literally stares down Noey the lion, all the while hurling growls and hisses (no doubt vile insults), the only thing separating them a wire fence. Baggy didn't show any signs of fear, only signs of what  the commentator calls "Little Cat Napoleon Complex."

Watch your back, Simba (or in this case, Nala). Baggy's the new cat in town, and she is coming for your crown.




If your cat wants to feel the pride of a lion without fighting one, let them be the leader of the pride they have always wanted to be with this glorious lion mane costume!



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16 Maine Coon Cats That Look Like Majestic Mythical Creatures June 22 2017, 14 Comments

Cats were once thought to be mystical, magical creatures. They are the focus of many superstitious belief, cast as witches' familiars, omens of misfortune, a cure for blemishes and even harbingers of great fortune; and in Ancient Egypt, cats were actually revered as sacred animals. 


While these beliefs might not be held in modern times, photographer Robert Sijka discovered a way to capture the majesty, and magic, in our furry feline companions. 



Sijka focuses his work on Maine Coon cats as he and his wife breed them.


gray maine coon cat


"Being around the cats and photographing them gives me a lot of joy," Writes Sijka on his website



black maine coon cat



"My goal is to show different expressions and emotions flowing from the cat's eyes." 






tortoiseshell maine coon calico


"The biggest and the smallest."






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Part house cat, part lynx. 



She has her mother's chin. 



"Don't mess with me." 



"Giants still exist." 


largest cat giant orange cat


This cat almost has a natural halo!



"Hunting mode." 







And just to prove that they are not, in fact, myhtical creatures, here is one of Sijka's cat's doing, you know, cat stuff. 

upside down cat bat cat


 Which cat is your favorite? Let us know! 



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Photos: Instagram, @robert_sijka - Felis Gallery

Cats Being Straight-Up Jerks June 16 2017, 7 Comments


I'm going to state some harsh realities. Cats are jerks.  Every cat owner knows deep down that this is true, but we deny it because cats are angels wrapped in fur! Right? Wrong. They are giant, furry jerks (especially to each other). 


cat pushes other cat down stairs gif


Admittedly, cats are undeniably lovable jerks that essentially run our households. They're adorable, irresistible, charming and completely amazing. They also like to shove their bums in our faces, lie on our books while we're trying to read or sit on our phones so we can't find them. Or they just plain knock it straight off the table and laugh about it.


cat knocking things over gif


Not even Christmas is safe!



cats knocking stuff down gif


There are theories as to why cats have an affinity for knocking stuff over in a flourish of "This is Sparta" glory. Perhaps they're just bored. Or scientists?


cats being jerks cats and phones


I think this may be one of those "alternative facts" that everyone has been talking about lately. We have plenty of documented evidence that cats are, in fact, giant assholes. Also, cats can't read or write. Or hold pencils. But they can use their paws to destroy the things you love.



Who knows why cats are, in some small measure, just a tiny bit evil. Maybe you didn't buy the very specific brand of cat food they like, but only sometimes. Perhaps Mr. Mittens only got 15 hours of sleep today and woke up on the wrong side of the cat bed.



Or maybe cats are just rebels ... with claws. 




There are some of you out there that would argue that there are some decent, kind-hearted cats out there that won't toss Grandma's antique vase off the table. At least not while you're looking. 




Perhaps we can use their Pushy Paws for good, like competing in an Ultimate Pet Jenga League. I'm sure that exists in some dimension, if not this one.



... Or not. 


cat playing jenga gif


It's only a matter of time before they find your weakness ...


galaxy s7 cat phone case


And threaten to push it off the counter in the ultimate act of rebellion. Give them the catnip ...  or else.


galaxy s7 cat phone case iphone cat phone case mermaid cat phone case unicorn cat phone


To combat your cat's proclivity for pushiness, you need a cute, cuddly way to protect your phone from a dangerous fall; a fall that (possibly, maybe) was brought about by a certain Pushy Paws.

couldbekim meowingtons phone case cat phone cases cat galaxy s7

Meowingtons phone accessories line is designed with cat-proof protection in mind along with ultimate levels of adorable. 

Your cat doesn't care if you have that newfangled iPhone 7 or a Galaxy S7 Edge or that indestructible phone god, The Nokia, they'll still knock it off the counter. Whether they're really in it for science, vengeance, or your cat is simply being a cat, you need to keep your phone safe.  And having a little mermaid cat on your phone doesn't hurt, either. 

meowingtons mermaid phone case mermaid cat purrmaid cat mewmaid




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Family Throws a Quinceañera for Their 15-year-old Cat June 13 2017, 3 Comments

One family decided to honor their cat's 15th birthday in style, and put together a purr-fectly glamorous cat quinceañera.

Meet Luna, the belle of the ball! 



“She’s not just an ordinary cat, she’s a member of our family,” says Brigitte Olavarria, one of Luna's owners.


The Olavarria family found the birthday girl on the side of the road when she was just 3 weeks old; they took her in, and she has been part of their family ever since. 



“We wanted to celebrate her long life properly,” Angel Olavarria said. “She is definitely a princess at heart, so we knew your standard birthday celebration wouldn’t suffice.”


Luna came out dressed to her nine lives in a frilly pink dress and tiara befitting a queen. 




The 3-hour quince was attended by 12 of Luna’s closest human companions. 

Wow. This cat has more friends than I do ... Anyway. Reality checks aside, partygoers of the human variety celebrated Luna's big day with a traditional tres leches cake, while the birthday cat snarfed down a can of tuna. 



“Luna seemed to really enjoy it,” Brigitte told HuffPost. “She was such a good sport during the whole celebration. I think she was happy to see our family together. But, her eyes really lit up when we opened that can of tuna. She loses her mind over tuna.”

Rumor has it that there's already a 16th birthday celebration in the works for Luna.

“We are thinking about throwing her a sweet 16,” Brigitte said. “Every additional year we get with our precious Luna deserves to be celebrated!”



15 and thriving!!! 😽😺 #Luna #MsCheeseball #LunaCat #Quinceaneracat 🌙

A post shared by Luna - Quinceañera Cat 👑 (@luna_sheridan22) on



Throwing a quinceañera or a pet party for your own beloved cat? Find them the purr-fect gift in our For Cats section, be it a bottle of cat wine or a snazzy new outfit



Rescued Cat Changed the Life of this Grandpa with Alzheimer's June 11 2017, 2 Comments

When Japanese photographer Akiko DuPont rescued a tiny ginger kitten named Kinako, it was on something of a whim. DuPont never expected just how much Kinako would change her life – and her grandfather's life – for the better. 


cats alzheimers therapy cats


DuPont’s grandfather, whom she calls Jiji, is 94-years-old, and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a few years ago. Since his diagnosis, DuPont began to notice a change in him.


grandpa jiji kinanko cats therapy animal therapy cat esa cat alzheimer


"I think when you learn that you have Alzheimer's, it is easy to start feeling scared, lonely, sad and lost," DuPont shared in an interview with The Dodo. "I saw that in him. He tried to hide it, but I could see it. He was still Jiji, a loving man. But he gradually began to make a wall between himself and other people."


When DuPont adopted little Kinako from a friend who no longer wanted him, she didn’t exactly run it by her grandparents first. So she kept the little ginger tom tucked away in her room for almost a month.


ginger tom cat calico cat ginger cat facts


DuPont was a bit nervous to introduce Kinako to Jiji; while he has always loved animals, he had only ever had dogs. He wasn’t the biggest fan of cats, as some of the neighborhood cats saw Jiji’s prized garden as the perfect spot for a litter box.

But for Kinako and Jiji, it was friendship at first sight.


therapy cats senior cats cats and seniors alzheimer's cats


"Grandpa wandered in and saw 4-month-old Kinako - and his eyes shined full of happiness.” DuPont shares. “It was something I hadn't seen in a while." 

It wasn’t long before Kinako and Jiji formed a special relationship that was all their own. And now, Kinako is Jiji’s cat, and Jiji is Kinako’s human.



DuPont decided to start document the moments the duo shared in their day-to-day life; subtle, beautiful moments that truly capture the special bond they share.



"They get together, share their important moments, like they are making sure they are having a good day," DuPont notes.

One of Jiji’s favorite past-times is going through newspapers and clipping out his favorite articles. Kinako makes sure everything runs smoothly (for the most part).



Of course, Kinako’s version of “helping” Jiji is lying down on the paper and demanding attention.



“Pretty much everyday, when Jiji cuts the newspaper, Kinako jumps on the table, then they argue, give up, understanding that they just want to do what they want to do," said DuPont.



“Kinako lifts up Jiji by simply being Kinako, and Jiji being Jiji, pours love to Kinako, just like he always does with the others,” Akiko said. "Kinako and Jiji take a nap together a lot and they often sleep in a similar pose. They are quite funny and adorable [to watch]." 



Kinako and Jiji are never far from each other.



Where Jiji goes, Kinako will follow. 



Watching over his favorite human even as he rests.



At first, DuPont had no intentions of sharing these photos with the world. “However, seeing these two [together], wrapping the family with a veil of warmth, I thought that they might be able to provide heartwarming moments to someone out there as well, not just us family.”

We're so glad that DuPont decided to share this wonderful relationship with the world! 



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CORTNEY LICATA  - [ h/t iHeartCats and LoveMeow ]
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