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"Unadoptable" Stray Cat Rehabilitated by Rescuers Who Refused to Give Up February 21 2017, 0 Comments

In February 2016, Coconut was just another nameless, feral cat fighting for survival out on the cold, wintry streets of Boston.

feral cat colony tnr trap neuter release

Spotted by rescuers working for Boston’s Forgotten Felines (BFF), Coconut was captured on a TNR (Trap, Neuter, and Release) mission to a local feral cat colony. Joni Nelson, BFF’s founder and a seasoned cat rescuer for over 30 years, soon discovered that the all-white stray’s condition was worse than initially thought. It was clear he couldn’t simply be neutered and rereleased into his feral colony.

how to keep away feral cats

Coconut’s ears were torn and bloodied, his white coat matted and dirty, wary, blue eyes crusted and goopy. On top of that, he had a serious UTI, chronic diarrhea, a bad back leg and ear mites; Poor Coconut was a mess. But according to Joni Nelson, it wasn’t his appearance that made him “hard to like,” it was his nasty attitude.

cat rescue adopt a cat near me

At first, Coconut would hiss at anyone who came near him. Nelson struggled to give him medicine, clean his cage or even feed him; he would always lash out when she opened his cage.

Coconut wouldn’t lift his head all the way to look at anyone, and Nelson discovered Coconut was mostly blind and could likely only see shadows.

adopt cat near me grumpy cat

He was clearly a frightened cat who had never known love. Or, if he had known love, he'd been abandoned for so long (since the summer of 2015), that he had forgotten what love and affection truly was.

“Many people told me to put him to sleep, that he was unadoptable,” Nelson said. “I couldn't let him live his life in a cage, and I couldn't put him to sleep.”

It took months of dedication, care, and affection for Coconut to begin to finally feel safe. “It took a long time to get him to let me touch him. First just his head and only for a second or two.”

keep calm and love cat

Understanding Coconut’s hostility and fear dawned on Nelson when she discovered that he was deaf as well as mostly blind. “No wonder he was so nasty,” she said. “He was frightened and no one knows the torture he went through living on the streets for so long in that condition.”

how to tell if your cat is deaf

Sherri Deluca was Coconut’s first foster mom. It wasn’t easy, but Deluca helped further rehabilitate Coconut and put him closer to his finding forever home. “She never gave up on him,” Nelson says of Deluca. She even has “battle scars to prove it.” Nevertheless, she persisted.  

are white cats deaf



Soon, it was time for Coconut to spread his wings and learn of the rest of love and care that was out there awaiting him. He went to a new foster home, and after only one day of hiding under the bed, he seemed to relax. “He loves the attention,” says Nelson. 

rescue mom

Coconut has truly blossomed into a healthy, confident cat thanks to his rescue moms – and he’s quite the cuddly companion. “He purrs up a storm when being loved. He sleeps with [his foster mom] and cuddles.”

Coconut's transformation is truly incredible and shows just what love, safety, and attention can do for cats, like Coconut, who are desperately in need. 

turkish angora personality

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that almost 3 million cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters each year, approximately 2.4 million (80%) are healthy and treatable and could have been adopted into new homes.

With numbers this alarming and a case as challenging as Coconut's, it’s akin to a miracle that Coconut didn’t become just another statistic; Coconut's miracle came in the form of the rescuers who gave him a chance when no one else would. But Coconut still needs one more miracle: to find a loving family to call his own.

turkish angora rescue

If you're interested in giving Coconut his forever home, please contact Boston's Forgotten Felines

You can find even more uplifting stories of rescue cats and their heroes in our new community, Cats Club!


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h/t The Dodo

Written By: Cortney Licata

Cuddly Cats and Their Unusual Barnyard BFFs February 17 2017, 0 Comments


These bucolic buds show us that friends can come in all shapes and sizes.


Meet Morris the Horris, er, I mean, Morris the Horse-Riding Cat!

morris and champy morris the horse riding cat unlikely animal friends


Champy (the horse) doesn’t seem to mind giving his much smaller, fluffier friend a ride, especially when Morris gets those paws a-kneadin' after a long trail ride.

cat and horse friends cat friends with horse unusual cat friendships

The beginning of a beautiful friendship between Jasper the Cat and Orlando the Chicken started when Jasper's became distraught after his longtime chicken pal, Roxy, passed away. It wasn’t long before Orlando snuggled up next to Jasper and the two became fast friends, unlikely though it may seem.

 cat and chicken kitten and chick cat and baby chicken

After a fox killed her chicks, lonely hen Gladys found solace in the friendship of farmhouse cat Snowy, and the two have been inseparable ever since.
cat and chicken friends cat vs chicken
“Everyone needs a friend,” says this horse. “Even if that friend happens to be a very small and strange-looking horse.”
cat and horse friends smol  

Kids these days, am I right?

lion and the lamb cute cat friendships unlikely animal friendships


Rescue buddies Cody the Cat and Iker the Goat cuddle up for some QT quality time.

baby goat cute baby animals cute kittens


The Lion and the Lamb: Born as the sickly runt in a set of triplets, Liab the lamb was not expected to survive. His owners brought him in the house to try and keep him warm, and Sox, their friendly, ginger tomcat, took to the lamb as his own and helped nurse him back to health.

the lion and the lamb lion and lamb unusual animal friends strange animal relationships

"That'll do, Pig. That'll do."

babe cat and pig friends cat loves pigSource


Pig in a blanket, anyone? 

teacup pig piglet tiny pig baby pig


Take it from these unusual animal friends: Love your friends, no matter your differences. Oh, yeah. And give your best friend a hug today! 



Written By: Cortney Licata

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5 Ways Your Cat Shows You Love February 14 2017, 4 Comments

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Even though the only gift I got this morning was a hairball on my favorite rug, it’s okay. I know my cats still love me! At least ... I’m almost 99.9% sure they’re not just in it for the treats.

If you find yourself like me, wondering for the briefest moments, “Does my cat really love me?” don’t worry. Here are 5 of the many ways cats show their love!



 What are some ways your beloved cat shows you some love? Let us know in our comments! 



 Written By: Cortney Licata

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14 Purrfect Puns For Your Pun-Loving Valentine February 13 2017, 1 Comment

Cat got your tongue this Valentine’s Day? We're here to lend a paw! Here are 14 pawsitively purrfect puns to pen for your Valentine.


“I’m definitely feline a reaction between you and I."

chemistry cat meme science cat valentines day cat puns 
“A cuddle a day keeps the vet away.”
valentines day puns cute valentines funny valentines
“I think you're one cool cat.”
cat puns funny cat puns
“I loaf you, meow and forever.”


“I think you’re really fly.”

vintage valentines day cards vintage cats
“Meow + You = Together Furever.”
meowingtons valentines day cat puns funny valentines
“Pardner, this card ain’t big enough … to hold all my love!”
funny valentines day cards cat puns

“Meow you doin’?”


“I’m just a hunk, a hunk of purring love!”
“I knead you!”

kitten gif i knead you valentines day puns cats


“Can I call you my Valentine?”




This one really has some $ubtle $ubtext.


cat memes cute valentines day puns
“I need you like a cat needs claws!” (Don’t declaw your kitties, folks!)


“I’m not kitten around.”

grumpy cat valentines day grumpy cat meme





Written By: Cortney Licata





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Treat Yourself to These Photos of Hot Guys with Kittens February 10 2017, 2 Comments

Just a hunk, a hunk of purring love!
Do you like cats? How about hot guys? Well, friends, have an early Valentine’s Day treat, à la Meowingtons. Treat yourself to an eye candy buffet, chock-full of some aesthetically pleasing gentlemen holding even more adorable cats. It's time these crazy cat dudes get some appreciation. Move over, Magic Mike, and say hello to Magic Me-ow

andre hamann men and their cats worst photos of men and their cats
These guys really know how to work a camera. They’ve got that “Blue Steel” look on lock. Remember to smize, boys!


blue steel zoolander
Phantom of the Opurra, anyone? If these two mysteriously appeared out of the shadows to serenade me with the sweet, sweet music of the night, I’d let them at least finish the song. It’s rude to interrupt, right? Yeah. Right?

Is it getting hot in here, or is that just the global warming? Either way, call the fire department ‘cause this fireman and his fluffy firehouse cat has got me feeling' a li’l warm under the collar.

absolute worst pictures of men and cats
This kind, handsome boy is clearly wearing those killer shades to shield his eyes from the sheer brilliance radiating from his British Shorthair.

men and cats tumblr
He’s color coordinating with his cat, which, might I add, is wearing that bow tie to perfection? Need I say more?

cute guys instagram
Nothing says, “I love you, bro” like a nose bump, bro.

hot men and cats
This hunk is really embracing his inner feline and, boy, is he working those soft, fluffy ears. The guy doesn’t look half bad either.

men and their cats
Who needs a scarf (or a, um, shirt) when you’ve got a perfectly shaped, perfectly draped cat friend?

hot guys with cats real men love cats

Oh, the secrets you’ll learn when ogling rustic cowboys in their natural environs. Ten-gallon hats also double as efficient kitten holders. That leaves two free arms to hug you!


I wouldn’t mind being wrapped up in that purrito.

purritos cuddling
It isn't all just about looks, you gotta hit the books! Even these fuzzy bedfellows know reading is fundamental.

college humor cats

Catnaps are also fundamental, and these three can keep you warm with their lustrous fur. Watch out for tickly whiskers, though.

beards hipster manbuns
Okay, this just isn’t fair. This picture gave me a serious case of the “warm and fuzzies” and also melted all of the chocolate I already bought myself.

Is anyone else getting sleepy?
men and their cats
Wakey, wakey, it's time for cuddles!
valentines day gifts for him

And sweet kitty kisses (Shh, I'm not crying, you're crying.)
funny cat pictures

You know this is a healthy, strong boy. He can hold two cats at once. I’m sure I could hop in his arms and he’d carry all three of us off into the sunset without even breaking a sweat.
guys of instagram

Why he scream? Hmm. I guess I'd probably scream too if I woke up staring into those beautiful eyes. But like a good scream, though, like "Hah! See, Mom! I told you I'd hook one someday!"
why he scream tumblr

When your cat is really feeling the Bern.

feel the bern birdie sanders meme

Image Source: Instagram / @hotdudeswithkittens
Written By: Cortney Licata
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20 Mug Shots of Unapologetic Criminal Cats February 09 2017, 6 Comments

These felonious felines don’t know the meaning of remorse. All right, maybe “felonious” is a bit harsh. But these mischievous cats are at the very least guilty of disrupting the peace. But what can you do? Cats will be cats. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The snack that smiles back until Mittens bites their heads off.

pet shaming pictures



“Am I my brother’s keeper?”

cat shaming photos


Everyone’s a critic.

animal memes



I guess that’s one way to liven things up in the bedroom. 

funny cat gifts



This counts as a crime. It’s an assault on the senses.

dank memes


It’s not vandalism, Mom. It’s art!



“No regrets! Okay, one regret ... Maybe two.”

funny things


All I can say is holy crap.

funny cat pictures


How Not To Destroy Evidence 101.

angry cat meme


You know your cat has a gambling problem when he actually puts your money where his mouth is.

grumpy cat meme



cute kittens


First, comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a loud, attention-hogging baby with no boundaries and poor personal hygiene. Also, this doesn’t rhyme.

cat puns


“Parting is such sweet sorrow...”

shakespurr shakespeare cat puns


“Don’t give me that innocent look! You know urine trouble.” (Crime and punishment, am I right?)

crime and punishment


Having too much love is not a crime!

shame your pet

parks and rec gif



... God bless you? )':      

                       rip funny cat meme                                                                            

“What’s mine is yours, friends, and what’s yours is … Oh, uh, yeah, also yours.”

feral cats stray cats


"I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!"

wizard of oz wicked


Germ warfare.

pet shaming pictures


And behold a true criminal mastermind: Dusty. 




Written By: Cortney Licata

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What Love Can Do: Before and After Photos of Rescued Cats February 08 2017, 1 Comment

The bond between a cat and its person is unique, powerful, and inspiring: truly a thing to behold.

That is why the Meowingtons team welcomes you to take a look at Cats.Club, where we celebrate all things cat.

Cats Club is a community driven by our love for cats and a determination to help cats find their forever homes. Help us help cats in need of adoption all over the world by sharing their profiles, pictures, and stories to Cats Club. All it takes is a few minutes to help start a shelter cat on her path to a new home! Adding a single cat to our Adoption Page is as easy as adding 10 with our bulk upload feature for shelters and rescues! 

Below are some of the stories that inspired us at Cats.Club to try and give as many cats as possible the second chance at life they deserve.


The Trials of Trinity the Tripod Cat: “Other people passed [her] by because she wasn't a "whole cat."”
tripod cat trinity rescue cat
Source: Reddit / Raveynfyre

A Cat Named Sue, How Do You Do?
animal rescue near me cat rescue
Source: Reddit / ambr333

Hurrah for Mr. Humph!
humphrey before and after adoption
Source: Reddit / alanpmartin
Meet Moz: From greaseball to fluffball.
moz uplifting news
Source: Reddit / 10124268
Fostered kitty with a plethora of health issues is now happy and healthy.
inspiring cat stories
Source: Reddit / CaptainJacksSocks
Meet Mr. Bitters, rescued from a puddle: “From drowned rat to fat cat.”
cute kittens
Source: Reddit / witchling_22
“Kittens aren't the only cats that need homes!”
adopt a cat near me
Source: Reddit / Kreetan
“Silas’ two-year transformation!”
Source: Reddit / durhurtrip
“Amélie today, 6 years old, happy and healthy.”
Source: Reddit / F-this
What a difference even just a week of TLC can make.
foster cat foster parenting
Source: Reddit
Say “aloha” to Amira: “From skittish shelter cat to demanding diva.”
maine coon cat
Source: Reddit / aishiterubananafish
“My 13-year-old pirate cat, Emilia Largo.”
one eyed cat senior cat
Source: Reddit / Vignetteoftide
“My rescue Kitty, Brimley. I can’t believe he’s the same cat.”
persian cat
Source: Reddit / TheFunkyMonk
“Meet Tommy, found on the street poisoned. After lots of love and care, he is perfectly healthy … and part of our family.”
tom and jerry
Source: Reddit / gonepop
“Little's Adoption: From the half of a bonded pair that was left behind at the shelter to happy snuggle cat!”
bonded pair bonded cats
Source: Reddit / Firetheliel
“Eight years ago, Benny was a shy, sick boy in a shelter and nearing his last chance to find a forever home. But now he's blossomed into a friendly, loving cat that I can't imagine life without.”
ben hur adult cat




 “[Kitters] is truly the most wonderful cat I have ever met.” Source: Reddit / christaf


"Ben was the saddest cat on the Internet."


Source: Reddit / BenBenCatCat


"Kamara, the stray turned lapcat."

Source: Reddit / markrichtsspraytan


Do you have an inspiring story or some before and after photos you want to share of your rescue kitty? Share your stories with us at Cats.Club!




Written By: Cortney Licata

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14 Cats and Their Siblings Recreate Photos from Kittenhood February 06 2017, 7 Comments

Then and Meow: These cats and their beloved siblings (human and feline) show us that family means forever.
"I got Socks and Spots when they were only 7 weeks old. 2 years later, and they still cuddle together!"
cute cats
Source: Imgur
"Me and my bro, 12 years later."
adopt a cat kitten meme
Source: Imgur

"15 years later, and my cat still hates being a present."
grumpy cat meme grumpy cat
Source: Imgur
"Four years later ... both in their basket."
if i fits i sits cats cat meme
Source: Imgur

"On the first day of 6th grade, my brother got Mittens. 17 years later ..."
funny cat compilation
Source: Imgur
Watching the world grow up together.


"Bill and I, 19 years later."
then and now photos
Source: Imgur

BFF means Best Friends FOREVER, in case you forgot!
bffs best friends forever cat hugs

"My cat and I, 17 years later."
forever home rescue cats
Source: Reddit
"Recreating a pic from back then."
then and now cat photos
Source: Imgur
"Almost 17 years."
then and now pets
Source: Reddit
"One year later and I'm still glad I adopted both twins."
twins same
Source: Reddit
"Eighteen years later. Happy Birthday to my cat!"
birthday cat meme
Source: Imgur
"This is me and my 24-year-old cat, then and now."
then vs now photos
Source: Reddit

meowingtons valentines day sale crazy cat lady gifts
Written By: Cortney Licata

Share the Love Right Meow! February 03 2017, 0 Comments

Play your cards right this Valentine's Day. 

Is there a better way to celebrate the people you love than by delighting them with a Valentine's Day card? I mean, sure, a diamond necklace is a pretty nice gift, if you're into that sort of thing. But these cards have cats on them, guys. And puns. That's a winning, one-two punchline that definitely says "I care about you, like, a lot." 

meowingtons valentines day 2017 valentines day puns

We tried to get Berlin's Take My Breath Away to play when you open this card, but who can afford the royalties? So maybe just hum the opening bars when they open the card, or try to work in a Top Gun pun when you write the message. Close enough?

valentines day memes valentines day puns valentines for him

Now that's really saying something. I mean, it says a lot of things on the front of the card. Just look at all those speech bubbles, wowza. But for someone to admit that they care about you almost as much they care about their cat? That's REALLY saying something.

singles awareness day singles appreciation day 2017 meowingtons cat valentine

Yeah! All right! Woo-hoo! Go Singles Awareness Day! Who cares if the abbreviation spells S.A.D.? You've still got your cat(s)! And also this card.

presents for cat lovers valentines day memes messages for her valentines for him

 Can cats even count, though? 


crazy cat lady gifts gifts for car lovers valentines day sale

If you can find someone who will share their food with you (and your cat), maybe you really are meant to be!


Whether it's for your coworkers, friends, family, significant others, or even for your cat that you taught to read: Let them know that you care about them this Valentine's Day! And while you're at it, take aim and shoot two hearts with just one of Cupid's arrows with our Valentine's Day Gift Pack, which includes our Valentine's Day cards as well as several gifts for friends, family, and even your cat!  


meowingtons valentines day 2017 crazy cat lady gifts gifts for cat lovers


Written By: Cortney Licata

Glamorous Feline Family Photos February 02 2017, 2 Comments

Too enamored with glamor shots? Not pawsible. 

There’s nothing quite so beautiful and heartwarming as family portraits, especially when they include pets. I can't think of a better way to capture the love and affection between cat and owner than a photo of the two of you floating together in a backdrop of space and time. Also your cat’s disembodied head is ghosted into the stars behind you, wide, vacuous eyes staring into the middle distance.

pet family portrait ideas glamor shots family portrait meme

To be fair, it could be said that the bond between a cat and its owner is one that burns with a white-hot intensity stronger than a thousand suns. These space scenes straight out of the 90s are close enough, I guess.

pet family portrait ideas glamor shots family portrait meme

Welcome to the V O I D. We've got matching sweaters!

ugly christmas sweater valentines day cat gifts

Poor Mr. Patches: all he wants to do is catch the tail of that rat hiding in his owner's hair.

david glamour shot awkward

Getting a clowder of cats to sit still enough for a glamor shot is harder than, well, herding cats.  

sphynx cats hairless cats lady gifts

The only thing harder than trying to herd cats is trying to herd cats while simultaneously balancing a rabbit on your shoulder (and attempting to successfully pull off a mullet). 

pet family photos pet portraits


"Are you sure this is the picture you want to use for the Christmas card?" "I don't know. Let me mullet over."

meowingtons grumpy cat memes

If this doesn't scream "crazy cat lady," I don't know what does. Not even that striking blue pantsuit can save this one.

crazy cat lady gifts meowingtons cat lovers

I ... Is this even legal?

cat apparel crazy cat lady cat lover gifts 

When you want your cat to remember ... Remember who you are. 

Okay, I don't really have a joke for this one. 

family photo fails

How to make a statement in your senior yearbook photo:

1. Add cat.

2. Lasers.

cat meme funny funny senior picture yearbook picture

It turns out pet family portraits were popular way before the Internet, or even photography. #vintage #stillcreepytho

vintage art history historic meme




Written By: Cortney Licata




meowingtons valentines day 2017