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11 Kitties Who Are Totally In Love With Their Humans December 09 2016, 2 Comments

Cats are often given a bad rep. They are known to care less about humans. Although it is true they can be aloof, every once in a while, they surprise you with some kitty love. That lack of attention from your cat is what makes it so great when they do decide to sit on your lap. Any cat owner knows that although they don't act like it, their cat loves them too. 

Perhaps this is why cats have grown in popularity recently. Before I lived with a cat, I did not care less about them. But I am convinced that once you get to know a cat, you have no control over it anymore, you will shortly love cats too. Now, you may not turn into a crazy cat lady like I have, but the chances are...if you are reading this, it's too late. You are a crazy cat person. Welcome to the club! 

Here are some heart melting photos of cats caught in the act of actually showing their love to humans! 

1. 'I don't tell you this enough human, but...I ruv you'

2. 'Oh you sit here? Me too.'

3. 'Me so happy you are home, plz don't leave me again'


5. I wish my cat would gaze into my eyes like this one does! 

6. Even if they are a little needy sometimes, we love it all. 

7. I am just going to sleep here til I look cute enough for you to get off the warm thing & snuggle me'

8. Honestly, what is better? 

9. This is the heart-melting part I was telling you about. 

10. 'MY human."

11. Does you cat do this? It's a good sign! 

Cat Lovers Should Visit Before They Die December 07 2016, 3 Comments

FYI: There’s an island in Japan where cats outnumber humans six to one?

Thank you, Aoshima Islan.

There are only 22 humans on Aoshima in Miyazaki, Miyazaki Prefecture, but more than 120 cats. YUP before you leave this page to buy a plane ticket, please take a look at the photos and video below! We hope these kitties are well taken care of, it sure looks like they are! Anyways, here are some shots we like 
This is my dream job! Wake up, feed the kitties, play with kitties, nap with kitties, feed kitties, go to bed.
Love is in the air. 
Please enjoy this quick video! 



The 12 Cutest Pictures Of Cat’s Paws December 06 2016, 2 Comments

What makes a cat's paws so irresistible? We will never know exactly what it is. What we do know is there is something about them that makes us giggle like a little child. We are also pretty sure you all feel the same too! 
We wanted an excuse to look at cat paws all day so we made this blog post for you (and us). Hope you enjoy looking as much as we enjoyed creating this! 

cat paws

Fluffy Buns

How clever! 

Nom Nom

It really never gets old.

We believe the universal love for paws is a bond all cat lovers can embrace. Which is why we think every cat lover should enjoy this Paws & Ears Ring

Still not over it.




That's right, cat's paws make the world go round. 

And don't get us started with cat loafs! 


Please share your paw photos with us! We love them! 


How to Make 2017 The Best Year Yet November 30 2016, 0 Comments

It's that time of year again! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and BOOM it's New Years and it is time to freak out wondering where 2016 went?!  

You are not alone. All the sudden I feel like Christmas was last weekend and I cannot wrap my head around the fact that it has been a year since.  

New Years Resolutions can sound lame. But the start of a new year is the perfect time to start something new. Whatever you want to accomplish this year, you will need some help! 

That's why Meowingtons designed the Purr Planner. For creative kitty lovers like yourself. No matter what your goals are, this planner will help you stay organized while also keeping a huge smile on your face. 

Why? Becuase each page is uniquely illustrated (with cats, obv) so you will never have to look at another boring calendar again!

Become part of the Purr Planner Family and make this your year with the help of your very own Purr Planner !
Your kitty is sure to approve, that's our paw-mise! 




Whiskers - What They Do & Why November 29 2016, 1 Comment


Whiskers, strange but cute little hairs that come out of your cat's face.

Have you ever wondered what they are for? Whiskers help in all the important feline functions such as expression, navigation, and even hunting. They act as a kitty radar.

Whiskers are made up keratin, same as our fingernails! 

Although they do not have any nerves (much like your nails), they are much more deeply rooted than your cat’s fur. This makes the whiskers extremely sensitive to touch. In fact, they are so sensitive they can pick on the slightest hint of breeze. All of this helps cats navigate in low-light situations, without bumping into objects. Which is why they are not only on the nose! 

They don't only grow on their muzzles. Cats have whiskers on their chins, eyebrows, and even their forepaws! 

Cats use their whiskers in the same way that we use our touch receptors in our finger tips to feel. They keep our kitties safe from potentially hurting themselves, as we all know cats are curious creatures! 

Have you ever noticed your cat's whiskers moving? Next time you are playing with you cat take notice.

The position of them can say a lot about what kind of mood they are in. When they are pointing forward and up, you cat is ready to play or hunt. When then are flat against their face, it means they are ready to attack or they are scared. Whereas when your cat's whiskers are laying low, they are relaxed. 

Any sort of trimming of the cat’s whiskers is a big no-no. Removing or cutting their whiskers will cause them to be very disoriented. They will grow back, and they will shed a few from time to time but it's best to let them take care of that. 



Black Friday Aftermath, Cats Return to Sleeping 70% of The Day November 29 2016, 0 Comments


What a week! All that holiday shopping over Black Friday & Cyber Monday must have left you and your kitties pretty sleepy! After all, holiday shopping can feel like a part-time job if you have a large family. Hopefully, you got lots of it done while to deals are hot! Lucky for you, if you haven't already done all your shopping...we are extending the sale ! But first... check out these cats who have about had it with holiday shopping already.

Here at Meowingtons HQ we don't take many cat naps, but our cats do! 

1. This is what working from home looks like. 

meowingtons blog cat gifts

2. So it is true, carbs do make you sleepy!

meowingtons blog cat gifts

4. This looks like a comfy place for a nap.

meowingtons blog cat gifts'

5. Look I fit! Take me with you!

meowingtons blog cat gifts


6. Football Sunday for a cat.

meowingtons blog cat gifts


7. Honestly don't even blame this little guys, looks super comfy! 

meowingtons blog cat gifts

8. Comfy bed? Nah I will squeeze into this small bowl on the oven.

meowingtons blog cat gifts

9. I am not hungry yet but I will be when I wake up, so I will protect this for later.

meowingtons blog cat gifts 

10. Yup, I have done this before too. Studying while awake is not easy! 

meowingtons blog cat gifts


A Cat's Guide to Cyber Monday November 26 2016, 2 Comments

With all these sales it is hard  to tell what you should buy, or when. If you didn't already spend your money on Black Friday, then get ready for the greatest sales yet with Cyber Monday! These cats are here to help guide you through what to do and what yo buy. If you know what is best, you should take these cats advice. 
Comfort is key, Black Friday is all about long lines and shopping til 4am. Cats prefer Cyber Monday, as taking naps between buying things is very important to us.
Look here human, you buy enough stuffs for you. It is time to log on to Meowingtons and get me some new toys
Also, while you are at it... I wouldn't mind trying some cat wine. We can drink together this weekend! It would be great! 
I don't LOVE dressing up in these costumes, but I sure do LOVE the attention. And they are so cheap with all the discounts, you might as well buy one or two for a rainy day. 
Ok, if you NEED to get yourself something too, I suggest something like this ring. That way when you pet other cats, they know of my existence. Or some Pearl Cat Earrings, those are nice. 
There you have it! Some real cat advice. Take it or leave it, Happy Cyber Monday!  



10 Things Every "Crazy Cat Lady" Needs This Black Friday November 25 2016, 1 Comment

This day and age, cat people are becoming a little more socially adjusted. They have jobs, gardens, and some human friends even! 

I'm joking of course. They have always been normal..normal people who love cats more than normal. But with the help of Youtube, cat videos are making headlines and with that comes more cat lovers. Now along with this new universal love of cats comes a whole new market for cat themed apparel! 

This is why Meowingtons.com is bookmarked on your 'Top Sites'. I mean why wear a normal black skirt when you can wear a cat skirt? Am I right? Here are some totally cool cat products for you and your cat-loving friends. That are now RIDICULOUSLY cheap for Black Friday!! Get them while they last!  

Did I mention...  


1. Well, I can't think of a reason why you shouldn't have this adorable bag for a night out. 


meowingtons cat purse kitty love

2. The beach, the mall whatever. This catsuit is sure to make you stand out in all the right ways! Who can resist a ginger cat?!

meowingtons cat suit kitty love

3. This cat scarf goes with EVERYTHING. Not to mention it also comes in different colors..go ahead get all 3. 

meowingtons cat purse kitty love scarf

4. This Hanging Cat Necklace is the perfect gift for yourself or one of your fellow cat-loving friends. 

meowingtons cat purse kitty love hanging cat necklace

5. Oh, and they have matching Hanging Cat Earrings so that's cool. 

meowingtons cat purse kitty love

6. This Cat Crop Top goes with everything !

meowingtons cat top crop meow lol cat

7. Did I mention the cat costumes? Make your cat feel like a brand new kitty for a little bit!

meowingtons cat themed apparel

8. These cat leggings are purrfect for a night out or yoga! 

meowingtons cat themed apparel yoga pants

9. Cat shirts show off our love for cats but this one also shows off your inner fashionista! 

meowingtons cat themed apparel

10. The cutest cat ring you will ever see!

meowingtons cat themed apparel

12 Great Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers November 25 2016, 4 Comments

With Christmas around the corner, it is the purr-fect time of year to start buying presents for your friends and loved ones! We all know one - or a few too many - who are as cat obsessed as we are. Here is a gift guide that will aid you in your quest for a cat-tastic gift or to add to your own wish-list!

Take advantage of our EXTENDED 90% OFF Black Friday sale and don’t miss the opportunity to spoil your friends with these paw-some items. Visit Meowingtons.com for more cat-themed apparel, accessories, and decor that can be shipped internationally straight to your loved ones!


 Black Knee High Catyhose

These black knee-high pantyhose add a cat-tastic twist to your outfit!


Sphynx Cat Ring 

Do not go anywhere without a kitty keeping you company by getting a wraparound ring of your own! 


Persian Cat Sweater 

This cozy sweater is almost as comfortable as curling up with your cat.


Crown Cat Ring 

Wrapped in his coat of 18k gold this little fellow is as bright as a button.



Creeper Cat Tee

There’s a mysterious moggy creeping onto this essential wardrobe piece.



Lucky Ears Ring

This paw-some ring available in silver and gold is a treat for any kitty krazy jewellery lover.



Meow Crop Top 

Meow! Let out your playful side with this loose fitting crop top.



Leather Strap Catier Watch 

Never mind Cartier, this is Catier! You can’t help be smile back at this timepiece’s friendly feline face



Catier Watch

This purrfect addition to your kitty collection will ensure you’re always on time and on trend.


Shin Print Catyhose 

If you are looking for subtlety and sophistication, then don’t fur-get to pull on these sheer waist high shin print catyhose


"Catsuit" Bodysuit 

It’s paw-sitively sophisticated, whilst capturing the fun-loving side of all who wear it. 

Cat Face Mug! 

You can never have too many coffee mugs, which is why it is the PUR-fect gift. 



Don't Furr-get About Your Cat on Black Friday November 24 2016, 0 Comments

It is that time of year again! Thanksgiving is around the corner and that means two things. Black Friday & Cyber Monday. It is all madness...but if you are smart you will shop from home in your PJs rather than heading out to the mall. 

Here at Meowingtons we have something for everyone. So this black Friday while you are doing some early holiday shopping while the deals are HOT, make sure you don't forget about your kitty!! We recently added cat wine AND cat toys!! And if you haven't bought your kitty a cute costume yet... you should probably add that to your cart too. 


Yup, we sell cat wine. Make your cat feel included this Christmas, drink wine with them. 


You are always buying yourself stuff one Meowingtons, make sure you remember the fluff ball you love so much!

This mouse is sure to put a big smile on their faces!!! Cats love feathers, they will thank you for this one! 

Ok so, this one might be more for you than them.. but look how cute!

The Feather Ball Cat Wand is the perfect toy for when you have over-eaten (a common holiday occurrence) and you can't get up to play with your cat.  



Common, get your cat something new! They deserve it and with deals like this you can afford to give them the life they deserve.