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Stray Cats Make Their Own Whack-A-Mole Game Using Drain Pipe Holes March 28 2017, 0 Comments

cats doing the tongue thing cats stuck in funny places



Japanese photographer Nyan Kichi focuses his lens on the lives of stray cats, capturing the more playful, whimsical side of these street-wise felines as they dart in and out of the holes in their self-made playground.  


blep mlem bleppiest cats doing the tongue thing


The life of a stray cat is no doubt a difficult one, especially if they don't have caring individuals to look out for them. But even these rough-and-tumble cats can find a bit of joy and revel in the benefits of being a cat, e.g. the ol' adage, "If I fits, I sits."


feral cats feral cat colonies

stray cats tnr trap neuter release

These strays lend some credence to the theory that cats actually come in two states: solid and liquid as they squeeze in and out of these drainage holes ... 


cat rescue stray animals stray cats



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Wriggling down one hole only to poke their whiskers out of another, making their very own Whack-a-Mole playland.


funny cats meme cats


Kichi even brought his own toy prop to complete the catty homage.


boop boop the cat


These playful creatives don't seem to mind the addition of an extra player to their extreme game of peekaboo. In fact, they seem to enjoy the photographer's company. "Yes. He warm. Good for sits," the cats have been heard to say of their jean-clad friend. High praise, indeed!


cat pancake catloaf cat loaf


(It also doesn't hurt to win their hearts over with some treats.)


ciao cat treats puree tuna puree chicken puree cat treats

kitten treats treats for kittens toys for kittens


Hopefully, through shares and attention, these comical cats will be able to find forever homes of their own. Meowingtons is here to help stray or shelter cats in need, and that's our paw-mise. 

That's why our cat-crazy company is sponsoring a Free Cat Adoption Day at the local Humane Society, where you can adopt any adult cat, and Meowingtons will completely cover the adoption costs. We're also donating a starter kit chock full of treats and toys to get new cat families and their soul-cats started off on the right paw.





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CORTNEY LICATA [h/t BoredPanda, Photos by nyankichi5656]

Blind Cat Spends Her Days Hiking With Her Best Friend March 27 2017, 0 Comments

Taking care of a cat with disabilities or special needs (sometimes considered "less adoptable" cats) can be challenging. But it can also be incredibly inspiring and rewarding.


The adventures of Stevie, a blind cat, and her owner, Patrick Corr, remind us what care, patience, dedication, and love can do. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Corr explained that he was “never really a cat person,” but Stevie changed his mind. “I think Stevie is a truly remarkable cat and I wanted to capture how I truly felt about her and share that with the world in a meaningful way."


Stevie reminds us how cats, and all pets for that matter, can change and enrich our lives, even if it's just the joy of exploring the beauty of the world at their side, or simply watching them enjoy an afternoon of basking in the warm sun. 




Are you looking for a new best friend? How about the purrf-ect soulmate? Or maybe you just want to make a difference in the life of a "less-adoptable" cat. Meowingtons is here to help, and that's our paw-mise.


That's why our cat-crazy company is sponsoring a Free Cat Adoption Day at the local Humane Society, where you can adopt any adult cat, and Meowingtons will completely cover the adoption costs. We're also donating a starter kit chock full of treats and toys to get new cat families and their soul-cats started off on the right paw.


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Cortney Licata 




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Four Orphaned "Kittens" Found in Farmer's Barn Turn Out to Be Elusive Wildcats March 25 2017, 0 Comments

A Russian farmer stumbled upon a squirming, mewling bundle of fluff hidden in his barn: four unusual-looking kittens, so young they hadn’t even opened their eyes. When their mother didn’t come back, the farmer took the kittens in; they wouldn’t survive much longer on their own.


meowing kitten

Upon closer inspection of the tiny, spotted balls of fluff, the farmer realized they were not ordinary house cats. He reached out to the Daursky Nature Reserve for help. Their team identified that the strange-looking kittens as Pallas’s cats also called Manuls (maybe “The Ewoks of the Cat Family” should be added to the list). 

manul ewok pallas rare cat

Pallas’s cats (or simplified as Pallas cats) are elusive wildcats native to Central Asia, sometimes referred to as "small ghost cats of the mountains.” They’re about the size of your average domestic cat, but they’ve got one of the most expressive faces in the animal world. They’re also extremely rotund.

“I’m not fat. It’s just fluff!” 

grumpy cat manul cat ewok



cat charity cat accessories cat clothes


Back at the Daursky Nature Reserve, the four orphaned wildcats were placed with two domestic cats, who quickly adopted them as their own. These furry surrogate moms helped to socialize the wildcats while also teaching them the essentials of “how to cat.”

 surrogate moms cats and kittens

It’d be difficult not to get attached to kittens as expressive and comical as Pallas Cats.

crazy cats funny cat memes

But the wildcats’ caregivers knew the importance of releasing the cats to their natural habitat. When the four healthy Pallas cats came of age, their caregivers returned them to their natural home where they continue to successfully survive and thrive.

expressive cats weird cats

Pallas cats are listed as “near threatened,” with a declining population due to habitat loss, being hunted for their pelts (despite hunting and fur-trade bans), and the mass poisoning of their main prey source, pikas, small rodents that are considered pests. 

wild cats rare species rare cats

Supporters of the Pallas cat have started international campaigns to study the ecology of this notoriously elusive feline” in hopes that they can find ways to stabilize the declining population before it’s too late for these comically gorgeous creatures.



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Cortney Licata [h/t Life With Cats]

Rescue Pit Bull Is the Best Mom To Her Family of Foster Kittens March 24 2017, 1 Comment

Meet Hema, a stray pit bull rescued from the streets of Washington, D.C., who turned out to be the best darn kitten caretaker this side of the Mississippi.

rescue pitbull pitties deed not breed 
The blue-eyed, pink-snouted pup has helped her forever family (adopters Marissa Clingen and Robin Seegers) to foster over 20 cats and kittens.

hugging kittens pit bull and cats

She spends her days doting on her kittens, wanting nothing more than to be by their side every moment, whether it’s to shower them with kisses, cuddles, or simply watch over her very strange-looking puppies (as any good mother does).

toys for cats cat costumes

“All she wants to do is lick and snuffle them,” Clingen told The Dodo. “Who would have thought a stray D.C. pit bull with scars on her face would be a good kitten mother?”

pit bull loves kittens dogs and cats

Though Hema’s forever family will never know what Hema went through as a stray, she bears the scars of a difficult life. She came into the Humane Rescue Alliance covered in “many, many bite wounds,” according to Alix Tolley, a spokesperson for the shelter.

cats vs dogs cat person dog person


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But whatever abuses or attacks she may have suffered in the past, Hema has not let it stop her from taking on the truly loving, affectionate role of mother for the orphaned kittens so in need of her care. 

rescue pit bull rescue dogs
Hema’s extra cuddly attentions play a crucial role in socializing the kittens for a successful adoption. Hema helps the kittens learn how to live and get along in a home, especially a home with other animals.

rescue dogs and cats

Clingen recalls a sickly little kitten named Muffin, who, for a while, didn’t look as though he would make it. But the kitten pulled through, thanks to Clingen and Hema’s care and dedication. "Hema would lick his pathetic, crusty face and they would snuggle in her bed," says Clingen.

"It truly brings tears to my eyes," says Tolley. "The fact that she can still be so loving to those kittens shows the resilience of these animals."

white dog tuxedo cat tuxedo kitten cat moustache dog heart nose

When the time comes for the kittens to go to their adoptive families (hopefully their forever families), Clingen shares that it can be sad to say good-bye. "I just try to remember where they would be if I hadn't fostered them,” Clingen says. 

As hard as it is to say good-bye, Clingen knows that she and Hema can continue to provide help and care for even more kittens. Especially as kitten season is right around the corner -- that time of year when tons of new kittens are born and the shelters are flooded with newborn kittens in need of foster care -- and forever homes. That's why Meowingtons is sponsoring a Free Cat Adoption Day at our local Humane Society!

humane society local shelter near me miami animal shelter florida animal shelter free giveaways

 Interested in fostering some kittens or puppies yourself? 

Check out the Humane Society's Foster Care Program or check with a local shelter near you to find out more information! 


cat donation rescue cats meowingtons charity spring cleaning sale rescue stories


 Cortney Licata | [h/t Shareably & The Dodo] 

14-year-old Boy Jumps into Traffic to Save Cat After It's Thrown From a Moving Car March 22 2017, 5 Comments

The terrified tabby clings to the 14-year-old boy who jumped into oncoming traffic to save his life.

rescue story

Sunday, February 12th, was a day like any other for Erin Brown as she drove her 14-year-old son, Gavin, to a birthday party. They were on a busy highway overpass when, horrifyingly, the moving vehicle in front of them rolled down a window and carelessly threw a cat onto the highway, directly into the path of oncoming traffic.

Brown slammed on the brakes. They watched, horrified, as the cat scrambled towards the edge of the overpass, shredding its claws as it struggled to grip the rough asphalt.

Gavin jumped from their car the moment it stopped, signaling for oncoming cars to slow down. "Not sure which I'm in more shock of,” Brown said, “The cat being thrown out a window of a moving vehicle … Or my son flying out of my car onto the highway … to rescue a cat."

The 14-year-old risked his life as he darted after the terrified cat as it clung to the side of the overpass. He got there just in time, scooping up the tabby just as it jumped over the edge, pulling it back to safety.

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“He cuddled right into Gavin's arms,” Brown said. “Gavin held him tightly and just kept petting him to show him that we wouldn't hurt him.”

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The traumatized tabby cat was aptly named Lucky and taken to BluePearl Animal Hospital to be treated for his injuries. Lucky was breathing heavily, badly bruised and his claws had been torn off from the rough pavement.

Gavin was by Lucky’s side every step of the way as he underwent treatment. “Gavin was not letting go of his new baby,” Brown said. “The bond was instant.”

donate to shelter cat donations

A Good Samaritan discovered their story through Facebook and offered to cover a large portion of Lucky’s medical expenses. Overwhelmed, Gavin also offered all the money he had, a grand total of $63, to help pay for Lucky’s rescue. “My heart just swelled with gratitude," Brown said, no doubt proud of such a compassionate son. 


meowingtons cat costumes costumes for cats spring sale


Lucky is making a full recovery in the care of his new family and enjoying his new forever home, becoming “the sweetest” cat Brown has met so far.


cat beds shark cat bed covered cat bed

“He is so mellow and playful and just plain loveable,” Brown said. “Lucky is well aware that Gavin saved him, and their bond is one I just can’t describe.”

cat dads

Gavin has always been a big-hearted animal lover with dreams of becoming a veterinarian; Lucky’s rescue has inspired him to make that dream a reality.


Please share this story with friends and family or leave a comment.


And if you're inspired by Gavin's brave actions, you can help kitties in need by donating to a local shelter, like the Humane Society.

Meowingtons has partnered with the Humane Society of Broward County in efforts to provide as many kitties as possible with forever homes! 




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Written By: Cortney Licata

[ h/t to Shareably & LoveMeow - Images by Erin Brown via LoveMeow ]

The Cats Are Out of the Bag, And They’re Here to Stay March 17 2017, 0 Comments


It’s no secret: Cats have taken over the Internet.

 The World Wide Web has become a giant cardboard box for the kitty-cat collective, serving as the perfect conduit for their (admittedly adorable) machinations. It was only a matter of time before they clawed their way into the business world just as easily as they clawed their way into out hearts.


But there’s a silver lining to this fuzzy takeover: These cats are here to help us get on with the daily grind. Or maybe they’ve been in the office, all along, just … hanging in there … waiting for right moment.



And now, for the understatement of the century: Work is stressful.




It’s said that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. An idea that looks good on paper, sure, and it sounds even better. And for most of us, perhaps, it’s an ideal towards which to strive.

But we all know that some days, for one reason or another, we’re just doing what we can to get to the next coffee break.




But the kitty-cat collective is here to remind you to stop and smell the roses. Ignore the annoying, prickly thorns for a moment; you can always prune them back later.


The next time you feel like going all “Fight Club” in the office, even after that corporate retreat …



Take a beat, take a breath, and think of these fluff balls as your own personal, digital stress ball. Release all that pent-up frustration into a big, cathartic “Aww!” as you gaze longingly at a kindle of kittens just doing what they do best: being kittens.  

Or just, you know, take a page from the Book of Cat and take a nice nap for, like, 16 hours a day. That’s probably fine.




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St. Patrick's Day Tales: The Irish Cat Kings March 17 2017, 0 Comments

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day: a day full of history, tinged with myth, magic, and gallons of green beer.


st paddys day cats green cats


Besides wearing green and pretending to be Irish for the day, there’s that guy, good ol’ Saint Patrick, who shook his stick and banished of all the snakes on the Emerald Isle. And don’t forget about those stingy leprechauns sitting on pots of gold at the rainbow’s ephemeral edge. 

leprechaun cats costumes for cats outfits for cats

“ 'They’re always after me lucky charms.’ There, I said it. Can I take this off now?”


Celtic folklore has always been imbued with a sense of magic and mystery, especially when it comes to cats.

The King of Cats

Cait Sidhe, pronounced “caught shee,” and translating to “fairy cat”, were said to be the King of Cats. They were thought to be mythical, fairy-like creatures who took the form of large, all-black cats with a white patch on their chests.


black cat dancing black cat superstitions


These mythical moggies were more fairy than cat, fearsome felines who could steal the souls of the dead if the family didn’t distract them with riddles designed to stump the curious cat mind; But they could also bring blessings.


cats and dogs love boop boop the snoot

"Boop. This dog is bless."





On the night of Samhain (a Celtic festival similar to Halloween), if you left a saucer of milk out for the fairy cat, your house would be blessed. If no milk was left for the mysterious black cat, you would be cursed and all your cows' milk would dry up.


my name is cow cats and cows 

Lady Francesca Wilde, mother to none other than Oscar Wilde, wrote about Cait Sidhe, calling them the King of Cats. “A most important personage in feline history is the King of the Cat,” writes Lady Wilde. He is a cat who has “genuine claims to royalty” despite having the appearance of a rather “common looking fellow.”


eldar zakirov royal cats king cat

Artist: Eldar Zakirov

Lady Wilde spun a tale about an old woman who gave shelter to a black cat and her two kittens. She let the three cats warm themselves by the fire and fed them a saucer of milk, to which the mother cat said, "You have been very civil to me, and I'll not forget it to you."

With that, the black cat and her kittens ran up the chimney, never to be seen again. But in their stead, they left the woman a piece of silver, more silver than she could ever make in a month. 


The Black Bog Cat 

Or, as I keep calling it, The Black Blog Cat. 

Black Bog Cats are mysterious creatures who prowl the boglands and peat marshes of Ireland. Unlike the superstition that paints black cats as omens of misfortune, if you come across a Black Bog Cat in Ireland, you will be granted great wealth and happiness. Small sculptures crafted from the very turf these Bog Cats are said to prowl are sold in many stores to grant luck to travelers!



The Calico Cure

An old Irish wives’ tale claims that if you’ve got a wart on ye olde foot, just rub it on the nearest calico cat's tail: instant Wart-Be-Gone! 


Sláinte! Have a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day! And maybe Tweet or Instagram us (@meowingtonsco or #meowingtons on Insta) cute pictures of your cats dressed up in some St. Paddy's Day Cait Sidhe #swag. 




A Note From the Founder & CEO of Meowingtons March 16 2017, 9 Comments

If there’s any time for women entrepreneurs to prevail it’s now. I won’t be bullied into submission over something I’ve worked so hard for. 

deadmau5 emma bassiri meowingtons lawsuit

Being involved in a lawsuit is irritating and at times distracting. Rather than let Mr. Zimmerman’s harsh and undignified comments get me down, I am instead re-energized to continue building my business, serving loyal customers and the larger Meowingtons.com community to make it even better with more cat-themed fashions, accessories and pet products than ever before. I want this matter to serve as an example to encourage every woman business owner to stand up for themselves, especially now when women’s rights and equality are the in public eye during Women's History Month.

I also don’t want to lose sight of what’s important at hand here. I started meowingtons.com as a place for cat lovers to unite, share, and most importantly laugh over the undeniably hilarious creatures we call cats. I’ll be even more energized through this ordeal if cat lovers would come together and create more life-changing bonds between humans and cats by supporting the Humane Society and all the hard work of its volunteers who have dedicated their lives to saving animals and finding them forever homes.   

Community support is really appreciated via sharing this post, leaving a comment, and if you’d like, donate to the Humane Society here:

 - Emma Bassiri



15 Frosty Felines Ready to Bring on the Spring! March 15 2017, 0 Comments

It's the First Day of Spring! It's time to dig yourselves (and your cats) out of the snow.


flower crown spring cat

Get ready to bask in the warm, blissful rays of the sun and greet the flowers as they fill the air with the sweet perfume of spring.


flower crown cat


O, listen to the birdsong that heralds the dawn of new, green life ... What? Why are you looking at me like that?


rex angry cat garfi

Source: @meetgarfi


"It's still snowing," you say? What do you mean, "There was a blizzard, Harry!" 



... Oh. I've got photos for that! Let's see here ... Ah, yes. Here's a nice collection of frosty felines who are ready to set Mother Nature on "Defrost."



I call this the "You know nothing, Jon Snow" face.



It's all fun and games until someone builds a satirical snowcat that makes you reevaluate your life choices. 



The "It took me 10 minutes to squeeze into all these layers and now I have to pee" face.


cat snowsuit cat bundled up



So much for spring. At least it's still scarf season, I guess.


scarf cat cat scarf



"Maybe the human will stop dressing me in humiliating sweaters."


cat costume dinosaur costume for cats
Good luck with that one, Pillo! Thanks to @glosunpro for the photos!
(Psst, check out more of our fabulous FRANDS and maybe even tag us on Insta to be featured!)




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"Outside? Never heard of it."


cats bundled up cats in blanket



 Who needs to go outside when you've got the purrfect purrito right here at home?


purrito cats bundled up


The littlest nope to ever nope.


winter cats cats in snow


"Build a snow angel," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. 


snow angel cat grumpy snow cat



Even the biggest of fluffs are ready to be done with all this cold.


cat eared hoodie


Hell has frozen over. And I am in it.


snow cat eared Pouch Sweatshirt




 So ... Are you ready to bring on spring?



meowingtons blizzard cat jacket cat apparel warm cat



Written By: Cortney Licata

15 Purrfectly Timed Cat Photos March 14 2017, 6 Comments


You know the hundreds of pictures of your cat sleeping you have on your phone? The ones taking up all the memory? Taking all those pics is worth it, if only to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments of hilarity.


Some people wait a lifetime for a meowment like this.


cat heart tails


You've heard of UFOs. But what about UFFs? (Unidentified Flying Felines) 


perfectly timed photos


"Sharing is caring, Karen."


cat drinking


You know what they say about curiosity and the cat ...


 curious cat wet cat


"Get ready, human, here me come!"


flying cat

 DIY on a Budget: Nyan Cat Edition.


nyan cat grumpy cat internet cat memes


Death by kitten hugs? There are worse ways to go.



A face all cat parents make at least once a day.


cat butt why



meowingtons earrings diamond cat earrings purr planner cat planner




Art imitates life.


cat and tiger tiger cat


Keep calm and cat on.




Now you're thinking with Portals. (Also, the cake is a lie.)




"I must go. My people need me."



Yet another unrealistic body standard for cats. 




"I meowstache you a question. But I'll shave it for later." 



Teamwork makes the dream work, I guess? 






spring sale meowingtons coupon code meowingtons discount code


Written By: Cortney Licata