15 Cats That Are So "Smol" It Should Be Against The Law




Need a minute to de-stress? We've got the purr-fect solution: cats. But not just any cats: impossibly, irrevocably, and unapologetically tiny cats (read: smol). It should be illegal to be this adorable - but thankfully, it isn't!

So we're supplied with an abundance of the Internet's tiniest tabby tots, a veritable buffet of delight for the eyes and a balm for the soul. Because let's face it, cats make everything better



1. This teeny-tiny tuxie with the cutest little toe beans.



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2. This pouf ball with incredibly powerful bunny kicks:

3. This criminally cute calico on her first night in her bed:

Via u/WendySnaps on Reddit.com


4. This very tiny, very fluffy, VERY ADORABLE Void

criminally small cat black kittenVia u/C_bear3 via Reddit.com


5. This teeny-tiny tot with a lot of thoughts: 

Via u/Cryptikaia on Reddit.com


6. This li'l sprout barely bigger than a banana:

Via u/ninawonders on Reddit.com


7. This teensy-weensy kit, who woke up on the wrong side of the cat bed:

criminally small cats
Via u/CatFeeds on Reddit.com


8. This itsy-bitsy beggar:

criminally small cats and kittens

9. These fluffy foot-warmers making it imPAWssible to go to work:

Via Reddit

10. This tabby and her menacing Mini Me:

via Reddit.com

11. This absolutely li'l Li'l Guy:

12. And you can't forget this li'l Bengal and his teeny-tiny toe beans:

Via reddit.com

13. And this li'l kit who proves that If I Sits, I Sits starts young!

Via Reddit.com

14. This itty-bitty-kitty who will still somehow manage to hog the entire bed:


15. And last but certainly not tiniest:

Via knowyourmeme.com 


  • Monei

    I have some of the most smol kittens ever. And teeny tiny ones too. If you guys want a smol kitten too, just send me a message. My email is monroeslittles@gmail.com

    Beautiful teeny tiny smol Ragdolls and teeny tiny smol Siamese snowshoes.

    I love Littles they are my whole life😍

  • CATS


  • Shara

    These little guys are so cute. I have been trying to find where I can get one,
    not having much luck.
    Can anyone tell me where to look.

  • Chris


  • Kat

    (they made my day!!!)

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