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Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0

Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0

Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0

Regular price $ 350.00 Sale price $ 250.00 Save 29%
  • Multi-cat & big-cat friendly
  • Made from all-natural wood (no MDF)
  • FREE SHIPPING within continental US

• Measures approximately: 24" x 19.5" x 50"
• 100% all-natural Ash Wood
• 5 levels for ultimate kitty play
• Sleek, modern S-curve design
• Cozy Hammock and Basket Lounge
• 2 Removable sisal scratcher side pads
• 4 Removable felt platform covers to stimulate scratching and stress relief
• Hideaway cubby
• Plush faux fur cushion for hideaway cubby
• Top observation platform
• Made from non-toxic and pet-safe materials
• Assembly Required

Mega Perch Cat Tree

Mega Perch Cat Tree

Regular price $ 325.00 Sale price $ 225.00 Save 31%
  • Made from all-natural wood (no MDF)
  • Perfect for multi-cat homes

Level up your cat’s living space without sacrificing your home décor! With four sisal-carpeted platforms and standing at 5 feet tall, this minimalist modern cat tree is designed to provide your cat with plenty of vertical climbing space, scratching spots, and perches on which to catnap - without sticking out like a sore thumb. Inspired by a minimalist aesthetic and featuring a refined, realistic tree-like design and natural wood finish, the Mega Perch Cat Tree will elevate and accentuate any home décor.  

Tested by cats and their owners, our second iteration of this sleek, modern cat tower is better than ever with wider perching platforms so that cats of all shapes, sizes, and breeds can enjoy! Four sturdy wood platforms in a staggered ladder design provide your cat with plenty of vertical climbing space. Each perch is covered with a removable sisal scratchpad, designed to entice your cat to scratch the tree instead of your furniture. The durable sisal mats and sturdy wood will hold up to even the most fervent of cat scratchers.

Each perching platform is purr-fectly balanced and secured to hold up to the weight of cats of all shapes, sizes, and breeds, with the distance between perches carefully measured to ensure feline comfort when climbing or playing. Whether your cat wants to hide out in the cozy bottom perch or high-tail it to the top observation deck to window gaze at the outside world, the Mega Perch Cat Tree is the purr-fect fit for your favorite feline. 

    • Height: 61" | Width: 23.5" | Depth: 23.5"

    • Perch Platforms measure:
    14" x 20"

    • 100% all-natural Pine Wood construction
    Fitted sisal scratch pads for each platform

    • Multi-level cat tree for endless amounts of fun, including a top observation platform

    • Modern realistic tree design & natural wood finish

    • Customizable - paint, stain or customize your tree to match any decor - or leave it as is!

    • Crafted from non-toxic and pet-safe materials

    • This product does not come assembled. Two-person assembly is required.

    •Special Note: Separately, a base retrofit kit will be sent. This kit can be used in the event that you require extra parts for the base.


    • Special Note: Separately, a base retrofit kit will be sent. This kit can be used in the event that you require extra parts for the base.

    • Please Note: There is no restocking fee for this item. However, customers interested in a return for a refund must pay for the return shipping costs.



    "It was easy to put together, and my cat loves the Mega Perch. He's growing up to be a big boy and needs something tall to climb and leap and surveying his kingdom. And it's nice-looking, too! Most cat furniture is so ugly, but this has wonderful, nice clean lines."

    Black and white cat on a four-tiered cat wood cat tree shaped like a tree.
    Donna P.
    Mega Perch Cat Tree

    "Extremely well made, sleek and beautiful. Both cats took to their new gym immediately. Good jungle gyms are very hard to find so I strongly recommend this one!"

    Brown and white tabby cat with a bob tail standing on an ash wood cat tree.
    Alessandra R.
    Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0

    "Best bed ever! My cats wait in line to get in the Pizza Bed, I had to buy another one! Most beds I buy, the cats don't really care either way, I barely had it out of the box when Ruby was already curled up. I bought one for my niece, her cats love it too."

    Black and white kitten curled up in a cat bed shaped like a pizza with anchovy and pepperoni pillows.
    Janine T.
    Cute Pizza Cat Bed

    "The BEST Cat Beds!

    My cats love these beds! So do I! They hold their shape SUPER well, they're easy to clean, and the fabric is nice. And they're so comfortable that my cats all fought over the one bed so I had to buy extras in other colors."

    Tabby kitten sitting on a navy blue plush faux fur cat bed.
    Vanessa L.
    Denim Delight Luxe Pouf Cat Bed

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