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Liven Up Your House With These 20 Cat-Friendly Houseplants June 24 2020, 0 Comments

Looking to brighten up your home with a bit of greenery without having to worry about your kitty being safe? Don't fret, you can still put your green thumb to good use in your living room! Check out these 10 cat-safe plants you can grow indoors.

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Confessions of a Cat Dad June 21 2020, 0 Comments

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I became a cat daddy at age 5. My neighbor’s cat had just given birth to a litter and I somehow talked my parents into letting me adopt one. I picked the biggest tuxedo cat of the bunch and named him Sylvester (of course the most awesome B&W cat ever). He’s was the sweetest, grumpiest cat I have ever had and he lived a great life with me well into my Adulthood. When he passed, it was like losing part of my childhood.

While my family had Sylvester, we also somehow became a house that attracted strays. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly my fault much to the consternation of my parents. I would feed and spend time with the strays. This was a constant even on family vacations where I would temporarily adopt stray cats. When a stray cat I had befriended had a litter of 4 black and white cats under our house, they just stayed and adopted our family. I don’t remember too much pushback from my parents except the usual “you will need to take care of them speech”.

But then a funny thing happened, I saw my father feeding, petting, and caring for the kittens. And then one day he and I went to the lumber yard and bought a bunch of wood. He said we were going to build a doghouse. I’m not sure we needed a doghouse, but it was perfect for kittens to live in especially with all the rainy weather here in Florida. It was big and large enough that an 8-year-old boy could comfortably climb inside and spend time with a group of kittens as they slept, ate, played, or spent time keeping dry from the rain. 

I’m not sure my dad would admit to having a soft spot for cats and kittens, but it sure seemed that way. Maybe it’s just that part of human beings seeing something small and vulnerable that needs a little bit of help and comfort in a world that can seem indifferent to its survival.

Here’s to all the reluctant cat dads and moms of the world. We 👏🏽 you!

Fancy Facts All About Tuxedo Cats June 20 2020, 7 Comments

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50 Names For Cats With Tortitude June 16 2020, 67 Comments

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Why You Should Encourage Your Cat To Scratch Stuff June 15 2020, 0 Comments

Believe it or not, you should actually support your cat's natural need to scratch. But you don't have to sacrifice your furniture to do it! Read on to learn why cat scratching is actually a good thing for your cat to do - and some tips on how to keep them from scratching on your sofas.  

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What To Do If You Find an Abandoned Kitten June 11 2020, 0 Comments


Kitten season is in full swing, and with it tons of new kittens being born. Unfortunately, some of them will be abandoned by their mother, for one reason or another. So, what do you do if you find one of these abandoned kittens? We've got a helpful starter's guide. 

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Why Do Some Cats Lick Plastic Bags? June 10 2020, 12 Comments

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10 Dad Jokes That Are Simply Clawful, Just In Time For Father's Day June 09 2020, 1 Comment

Dads are infamous for their terrible puns, so much so they've earned the title "Dad Jokes." To celebrate Father's Day, we've gathered 10 simply clawful cat puns. Here are 10 dad jokes that are so bad, they're good!

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10 Reluctant Cat Dads Who Said They Absolutely Didn't Want a Cat June 05 2020, 2 Comments

Cats have a funny way of working their magic on people who supposedly hate them ... especially dads!  Here is photographic evidence that dads are just big softies at heart. 

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10 Cats That Prove "If I Fits, I Sits" Is A Way of Life June 05 2020, 0 Comments

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