A Look Back: Cat Cafe Adoption Success Stories

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Every month, Meowingtons sponsors the adoption fee of a rescue cat at the Good Luck Cat Cafe, our partner cafe here in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This means we donate the adoption fee of one cat each month.

Our goal is to share this amazing  nonprofit organization with our fans and followers to bring their rescue efforts into light - and ultimately to help homeless cats in need find their forever homes. The Good Luck Cat Cafe is the not-for-profit adoption center for the Lady Luck Animal Rescue, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit rescue. The rescue and the cat cafe are all 100% run by volunteers and donations. 

We wanted to take a walk down memory lane and share some of the stories of the cats that Meowingtons has sponsored since January 2020! While it was difficult to welcome visitors to the cafe due to COVID-19 restrictions and closures, happily lots of cats were still adopted.


Rambo was approximately 9 months old when he was brought in by a local cat lover who cares for community cats and those without homes. She noticed Rambo would always be the first kitty to run out  and get food whenever she would feed them!

Realizing he'd be better suited for  life in a home, Rambo was rescued and brought to the cafe! He was a little shy at first and it took him  time to adjust, but his  adopter understood he needed time and love to truly blossom.

His new mom had actually adopted another kitty from the cat cafe previously, Gracie, so Rambo has a sister in his forever home!


"Jango Fett"

Jango Fett was an adorable, long-legged Mandalorian who happily was adopted with his best buddy, William (tuxedo kitty)! Jango Fett and William were both rescued as kittens from a local animal shelter, but were unrelated. They became very close at the cafe, and we were so happy to see them go home together. Here are Jango and William (now named Binx) in their forever homes! 

Image may contain: cat 


Shadow was the first adoption after the Good Luck Cat Cafe was temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Shadow is an adorable black kitty rescued as a kitten. In her foster mom's home, she  would reach up and beg to be picked up and "stretched" into a hug. It's no wonder hew new cat dad fell in love! 


"Misty Mae"

Misty Mae is only about 2.5 years old, and was found hiding out in the middle  of a local garden center!  A young mom, Misty Mae had a rough start in life that has left her with a permanent limp. Misty gives headbutts, talks, enjoys her scratchpad and plays with imaginary toys. 

Misty Mae made the funniest faces and with her little grey chin, she always looked surprised! Misty Mae was  happily adopted by a family with a young daughter and now spends her days purring and giving plenty of head bonks. 




Meet Lolita! Because of her markings, she was named after the famous Orca named Lolita! Lolita came to Lady Luck Animal Rescue after being rescued with her five, three-day old kittens who she lovingly raised. Now, she’s ready for a family to call her very own.

Lolita is very affectionate, gentle, talkative and curious. She chirps and head butts you with lots of ankle rubbing, showing how much she loves you. She even likes to jump on and sit on your back while you’re scooping her box! She is a funny character and we know she's happy in her forever home - And all her kittens were adopted, too!



Earni is 5 years old and came to the cat cafe after his owner sadly passed away. He was extremely shy and nervous at the cafe, but with a lot of TLC, patience, and understanding he soon came out of his shell. Earnie is doing great (as you can see below) in his forever home.

He is very happy at his new home and his person is thrilled with him and keeping the name (and spelling) - Earni!



Earlier in June, Sidney was adopted from the @ladyluckanimalrescue (the parent charity of the cafe). Unfortunately, Sidney's new mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and with a heavy heart had to return Sidney to the rescue. Our hearts go out to her and thank her for returning Sidney instead of abandoning her, as some would have done. It didn't take long before Sidney was adopted by a family with  3 human siblings and a canine companion, too!

Update from Sidney's adopter: "She is doing awesome after 3 days she was confident to come out of the room and meet our cat Iggy, and ever since that day she has become part of our family. She has synced on feeding time, using the litterbox, sleeping on the boy's bed, people-watch with my daughter, sharing TV time with my husband (who has fallen head over heels for her). I am very happy and grateful to have found such a beautiful little lady - thank you!"


Rosebud aka "Rosie" & Peaches

She and her sister, Peaches, were surrendered to the rescue after their owner, who was living in an assisted living facility, could no longer care for them. Both sisters were front-paw declawed by their previous owner. They are super sweet, and we would love for them to be adopted as a pair.

Although Rosie is somewhat shy at first, she is very curious. She loves to roll around in Publix tote bags and act like a goofball! She is very affectionate, especially towards men. 

Rosie and Peaches were extremely bonded and the Lady Luck Animal Rescue and volunteers at the cat cafe wanted to keep them together. Happily Rosie and Peaches were adopted TOGETHER! They declined to pose for an adoption photo together (some kitties are camera shy).



Fitz was around 4 months old when he came to the cat cafe after being rescued as a tiny kitten and raised in a foster home until he was ready for adoption! It took around a month or so for Fitz to find his perfect home (which is longer than most kittens stay at the cafe!). But we're so happy he waited until his perfect cat dad came along. Below are photos of Fitz (now Klaus) in his forever home! 


Tinkerbell aka "Tinky"


Tinky’s senior owner asked for help since she has several very serious medical issues that make taking care of Tinky (and the other 7 cats in her home) very difficult. She cried saying goodbye to Tinky, but she understands she has to plan for the day she may not be able to take care of her. The volunteers at the Good Luck Cat Cafe made space for this chonky 8-year-old kitty and helped her find her new home! Her new name is Callie. 

Adoption update from Callie (formerly Tinkerbell): Callie rules the apartment and has even taken over the adopter’s pillow. By accident she discovered Callie loves drinking from the faucet, which we found out she did at her old home. Callie’s former person couldn’t be happier that she has a happy home and she gets all the attention and care she needs!



Tapper spent just over a month at the cat cafe waiting for his forever home! He came in with his gorgeous tortie sister, ChaCha. They were  just over a year old when they came into the cafe. Initially, Tapper and ChaCha were bonded - but after socializing at the cafe with other cats and humans, they were independent enough to be happily adopted separately. Tapper went to a wonderful family! 

In December, amazing fans of the cat cafe sponsored the adoption fees of all the cats available for adoption. There are still plenty of amazing cats that need homes at the Good Luck Cat Cafe. We'll keep sponsoring, and sharing, and spreading the mews of this amazing operation!  

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  • Vanessa Ericsson

    you really need to make a t-shirt with the picture of Milton covering “2020” in his litterbox. I love it, and I would buy a shirt with that image on it. It would also be good as a mousepad.

    I’m a human from Massachusetts currently owned by 2 rescues. I love the idea of Cat Cafes. Wish there was one near me.

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