5-Star Tuxedo Cat is a Top-Rated Tourist Attraction

In the Polish city of Szczecin, a chonky Tuxedo cat named Gacek has become a local celebrity and a top-rated tourist attraction. He even has a perfect five-star rating on Google Maps, and the reviews are filled with photos from those who've stopped in and visited Gacek.


This chunky boy has been living on Kaszubska Street for several years now. His home is a covered box just outside a shop whose workers take care of the black and white star. 



Gacek in his comfy shelter.

The store has erected a sign requesting his fans don’t directly feed him, but can leave behind sealed treats that will be given to Gacek in more portioned doses. While some fans have expressed concern for Gacek’s weight, videos of him playing show he still has some kitten in him. 

Although he’s lived in the city center for 7 years, the cat’s first brush with fame started in 2020 when a German YouTube documentary captured his story. In the documentary, viewers can follow his story including an attempt to make him a house cat (it didn’t work).

Judging from the comments from his fans and visitors, Gacek is more valued than Szczecin’s other tourist attractions including underground city trails, museums, parks, and a castle built in 1346.

One tourist noted they had flown from Norway to visit Gacek while another wrote “I am very fortunate to have come here and meet this distinguished gentle creature.”

As of April 2023, Gacek was taken off the streets and is currently residing in a special foster home after it became apparent he needed dental work - and to work on his weight loss. He's already begun climbing to the higher stories in his cat tree and the shelter notes how his fur is already healthier and shinier! 

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