This Cat Rescue Has the Cutest Naughty and Nice Cats of the Week

An LA-based cat rescue has come up with an ingenious, hilarious, and completely adorable way to feature their adoptable cats for the holidays: a Naughty and Nice Cat of the Week! 

Heaven on Earth, and their adoption center, Perry's Place, is a cat rescue and sanctuary that not only rescues and re-homes cats in need, but they also provide affordable spay/neuter and vaccine clinics, a foster program, and SpayShip, a transport program that facilitates the spay/neuter of community cats!

The Naughty and Nice cats featured are available for adoption (though some happily have been adopted already - woo-hoo!)

You can find more information about these adoptable cats on their website.

First up is the handsome Elijah and the ice-cold Popsicle:

naughty and nice catsVia perrys_place_la, Instagram


Look at that face. That's a face that says, "And I'll do it again, too."  

Elijah has been adopted (yay), but as of the time of this article (12/23), Popsicle is still looking for his forever home! 


Next on the Naughty list is Bow, a "master manipulator" who needs to work on his sharing skills. 

Don't let his dapper looks fool you - this stealthy senior isn't as gentlemanly as he appears! He's been caught with his paw in the cookie jar - other kitty's bowls! 


His calico counterpart , Lumin, showed off her skills on the catwalk and showed she doesn't mind a pedicure!

Both Lumin and Bow have found their forever homes! 

For our next Naughty-or-Nicers, we have sweet senior Teto and Gracie, who is very expressive of her opinions. 

Gracie has found her home for the pawlidays - but Teto is still looking for his. 

This beautiful boy is 15 years old, so he really knows his way around a good lap snuggle! 


And our final roundup contains a surprise guest!

Maxi is an adorable all-white kitty with unique ears, but 100% excellent loafing skills and a SPECTACULAR blepper. I mean, behold this bodacious BLEP:

Mr. O. Possum stole our hearts (and all the food) and we wish him the best of luck on his adventures. 



While many of these adorable angels and redeemed rapscallions have found their homes, Perry's Place is home to many more cats in need looking for their forever homes for the holidays (and beyond). 

Adopt, don't shop!

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