Sneaky Cat Gets His Photo Taken for School Picture Day

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Mom Emma Roberts received an unexpected, surprise after picture day at her daughter’s school. When she opened the professional photos of her two daughters, Megan (10) and Chloe (7), there were also pictures of their cat Ziggy. 

cat gets portrait taken on school picture day (Picture: Kennedy News/Tempest Photography)

Ziggy loves to sneak into the primary school in Flintshire, North Wales, so much that he’s the school’s unofficial cat. He’s such a constant figure, they thought maybe he should have a school photo. Photogenic Ziggy sat nice and polite for his portrait. 

“Chloe handed the letter to me and I expected it to be her photos. But then when I looked I was just in floods of laughter and so were the other mums standing by me,” said Emma.

“I asked her what had gone on and she said he just jumped on the chair. He didn’t need any encouragement, he just got up there for a photo."

cat school picture day

(Picture: Kennedy News/Tempest Photography)

"The school has just accepted him and he goes there at any opportunity. He’s there every day. He sleeps on the headmaster’s desk, on piles of books and he goes into every classroom. He even strolls across the hall when they’re having an assembly. 

School officials tried but found it impossible to keep Ziggy off school grounds, so they now welcome him with open arms according to Headteacher Mark Biltcliffe.

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  • Michelle Wilson

    I wish that my school had a cat in it. Maybe I wouldn’t have droped out.

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