THE SAGINAW TERROR: Tiny Cat “Terrorizes” Neighborhood

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Today we tell you the terrifying tale of THE SAGINAW TERROR. 

The week of January 9th, a frantic call came in at the Saginaw Police Department about a cat who was “terrorizing the neighborhood.” Apparently, in want of some pats, the felonious feline chased the caller for three entire blocks before she made it safely home.

The officer who took the call relayed it to Animal Control, who then braved the streets to face the Sagniaw Terror. The sight that awaited them was truly terrible to behold: a teeny tiny tabby who just wanted some love. Just look at those big eyes (the better to see you with.) And those big ears, the better to stalk you! And those (very soft-looking) paws, the better to POUNCE you! 

Courtesy of Saving Hope Animal Rescue.


The cat was taken to a local shelter, who aptly named her The Saginaw Terror, where she was then scooped up by the Saving Hope Animal Rescue. 

The rescue is a 100% volunteer-based foster organization that helps foster and find homes for cats in need, based in Texas. 

The Saginaw Terror enjoys a nap in her foster home after her terrible spree. Courtesy of Saving Hope Animal Rescue.

“We could hardly breathe we were laughing so hard when we saw their post and we knew we needed this cat!” The rescue wrote on their Instagram.

TST endures the Donut of Shame after her vet appointments! 

“When her foster got her home, the kitty darted out the door and her foster went running after her. She remembered who she was dealing with, so she turned the opposite direction and ran 🏃🏻‍♀️😺” writes the rescue. “Sure enough, here came The Saginaw Terror running after her!”

The rescue has kept the name The Saginaw Terror and she has been fully vetted. She’s about 6 months old and loves people and animals. The Saginaw Terror also loves boxes, clean laundry, wand toys, and (of course) chasing people.

She really does chase you if you run and it’s HILARIOUS. She is such a crybaby if you leave her alone - the Saving Hope Rescue thinks she has abandonment issues based on her behavior. 

You can apply to adopt her at!


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  • Beth

    Oh, I would love to have that baby! She would be such a joy! Unfortunately, I live in Tennessee and already have 8 cats. I pray the right family takes her home quickly!

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