Cat that Cared for Young Cancer Patient Named Cat of the Year


A rather ordinary looking tuxedo cat in Lincolnshire, London has been named Cat of the Year. But according to the cat's best friend and owner, 11-year-old Evie Henderson, Genie is anything but ordinary. 

"I think she's great. She deserves it. She's always been there for me," Evie says.

11-year-old Evie Henderson was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer in March 2016. Genie was there for Evie every step of the way, even when she couldn't be with her physically. 

After spending over 300 days total in hospital, Evie says it was Genie who helped get her through the ordeal. While undergoing six cycles of chemo, Evie was often unable to leave the hospital or have visitors. She would watch videos of Genie to distract her. 

Evie said she shares a special bond with her pet, and that gave her tremendous support when she lost her hair during her treatments. 

"It was very upsetting for me because I had long brown hair. But at the same time, as it was spring, Genie was moulting as well. So it was sort of like I'm losing my hair and Genie's losing her hair as well so that eased the shock of it all."

Genie was recognized by feline charity Cats Protection at a ceremony in London. See the video below for an interview with Evie and Genie. 




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  • jmuhj

    Evie is beautiful and brave. And Genie? Definitely a champion! So lovely, too!

  • Mila

    Such a sweet story, the bit about her losing her hair at the same time Genie was shedding had me a little misty-eyed.

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