Kids' Emotional Reunion with Missing Cat Thought to Be Dead Is So Heartwarming

Two kids received the news of a lifetime when they were reunited with their beloved cat, Gunther, a month after they’d been told he was dead. This will really hit home for anyone who has suffered the loss of a pet. 

When Gunther went missing late in December, mom Samantha Johnson’s two children were absolutely heartbroken.  Gunther, an outdoor cat, went missing while the family was on vacation. The family posted photos on Facebook and other social media in attempts to find Gunther. After days of searching, the Johnsons got a call from Animal Control that they had picked up a cat that looked like Gunter; unfortunately, the cat had been hit by a car, and hadn’t made it. 

Her children were devastated over the news – especially young Nick. A friend in town who had seen their Facebook post about Gunther gifted them a kitten for free to help mend the kids’ hearts. But the next morning, Samantha was surprised to hear a plaintive meow at her door. “I heard a loud screeching, "Meow' at the front door, and our Gunther was standing there!”

Gunther had returned, all while the kids were at school. Samantha surprised her kids with Gunther reclining happily on the back of the sofa, almost as if he had never been gone. Their reaction is so emotional, especially young Nick's tearful reunion with his beloved cat. 

Watch their heartwarming reaction in the video below. 


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