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44 products

    44 products
    Replacement Kit for Original Jungle Gym Cat Tree
    $ 30.00
    Replacement Kit for Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0
    $ 40.00
    Replacement Pads for Perch Cat Trees
    $ 30.00
    Replacement Sisal Cover Pad for Modern Wave Cat Tree
    $ 75.00

    Cat Boutique

    The only thing cuter than a cat is a cat in an outfit. Who among us crazy cat lovers can resist a cat in a costume? We can’t! That’s why the team at has put together a wide selection of cat apparel that will have your feline looking fine (not to mention completely and utterly adorable) in no time.

    Our goal at the Meowingtons cat boutique is to help you pamper your furry family member with the high-quality products they deserve. Inspired by cats and operated by a team of crazy cat ladies, Meowingtons’ cat products have been hand-selected and sourced to ensure that our site is any cat lover’s paradise. Our inventory ranges from cat feeders to classy cat outfits to the cat food, cat treats, cat wine and kitty-cat toys your cat craves.

    Cat Costumes

    Do you need a Halloween costume for your cat? Or maybe you just feel like dressing up your cat today. Hey, it’s cool. At Meowingtons, you don’t need a special occasion to put your cat in a sweater!

    Our cat apparel collection ranges from styles that are cute, fabulous and even ferocious. For the gentler souls, we have a Bumblebee or Bunny cat costume. Feline a bit flashy? Our peacock cat costume or lion’s mane headpiece are guaranteed showstoppers and make for quite the Instagram picture – we paw-mise. For the cat that’s all bite and no meow, we also offer a ferocious dinosaur cat costume!

    Cat Bow Ties

    Maybe your cat’s a bit fancier than dinosaurs and bumblebees. Maybe they’re all about catnip wine sipped from crystalline glasses. Only the best will do for a refined, tailored tabby. With a Meowingtons polka dot bow tie around their neck, your fashion-minded feline will be sure to purr with joy.

    Cat Toys

    Cats can sleep anywhere from 16 to 19 hours a day, so it’s important they get their exercise! Meowingtons has the purr-fect cat toys to get those couch potato kitties back on their paws and high tailing it around the house in no time.

    Cat Food

    Meowingtons has the treats that can’t be beat – just ask the cats. From Ciao Cat Treat purees to the finest selection of high-quality cat food, our boutique is chock full of the food your kitty wants in their bowl!

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