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    Polka Dot Bow Tie Collar
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    Cat bow ties

    It is important for domestic cats to wear collars. A collar and identification tag is the best way to help your kitty find their way back home in the unfortunate case that he or she has lost his or her way.

    However, many of the options out there are not all that cute and just as humans, kitties don't like wearing things that are not designed with comfort and style in mind. So, Meowingtons brings you the bow tie cat collection! You can definitely convince your pet to put a collar on with the help of this cute Polka dot bow tie, available at The bow tie collection is so adorable that even your kitty will beg you to put it on! It comes in white and blue with a comfortable adjustable strap to ensure the purrfect fit!

    The best part of these adorable bow ties is that they have a silver bell attached. Many cat lovers know that cats like to hide, so these little bells aid you in locating your cat around the house. If your cat is an outside cat, these bells can even prevent them from danger – keeping other animals away.

    The cat bow tie has a simple and secure clasp that makes it a fashionable as well as comfortable option for your furry friend. Once they are lost, most cats find it difficult to find their way back home, so make sure to purchase a collar for your cat so you don't have to be separated from each other for too long. Consider something cute and unique!

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