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Banana Cat Bed

$ 40.00

A bed your cat will go bananas for!

Introducing the Banana Cat Bed! This cute cat bed will add a bit of whimsy and delight to your cat’s busy naptime schedule. The Banana Cat Bed is versatile in its “sleepability” and can accommodate any feline sleeping position. With its high sides and bolstered edges, this cute cat bed is ideal for cats that like to nestle, burrow, and curl up in a ball. And thanks to its 29” length, it’s also purr-fect for cats that prefer to stretch out during their catnaps. Our bolstered cat bed is large enough to fit larger cat breeds and even two small-to-medium-sized cats, and a bunch of bananas kittens!

Each plush Banana Cat Bed is crafted from a soft, pastel yellow polyester fabric and firmly stuffed with high-loft polyester filling to ensure warmth, comfort, and joint support for cats of all ages. It also features a removable cushion insert for easy cleaning. The soft, plush fabric and bolstered sides are designed to absorb and hold your cat’s body heat, ensuring the bed is kept nice and warm.

With the Banana Cat Bed in your home, there’s no more having to hide the cat bed away when guests come over – it’s a fun feline conversation starter! What is cuter than a kitty banana split, after all? Psst - small dogs and small animals like rabbits and ferrets may also find the banana pet bed a-peeling. Just don’t tell the cats!


Size and Features

  • Bolstered sides for your cat to rest their head on
  • Accommodates any feline sleeping positions
  • Removable cushion insert for easy cleaning
  • Measurements: 29" L x 16" W x 13" H
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash, Spot Clean Only


Designed by MEOWINGTONS 

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