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Cat costumes

Why should hoomins have all the fun?! Here at Meowingtons, us catployees are strong believers that playing dress up extends beyond Halloween. So, we have convinced our hoomin colleagues to add a fashionable section for our furry feline friends as well. There is simply nothing quite as irresistible to a hoomin as a cat in a costume.

The cat costumes available at www.meowingtons.com are not only comfortable, but cute – so cute that your hoomin' won't be able to resist tickling your chin and nuzzling your face.

When they see us in the hooded Bumblebee cat costume, they can't help but give us their undivided attention! For our female feline friends, may we suggest the Bunny Cat Dress? It is easy to slip on and is designed with your comfort in mind. We also have the Dinosaur Cat Dress for the cats out there going for a tougher look – it'll bring out your ferocious side! If you're the kind of kitty that likes to stand out from the crowd, the Peacock Cat Costume is a show stopper!

If you are looking to accessorize, the Cat Lion Hat is purrfect for bad hair days and is securely fastened with an elastic strap. However, if costumes and hats are not your thing, our cat bow-tie collection may be just what you're looking for. The polka bow tie for example is an easy way to smarten up your look. Cat bow ties are a comfortable fit and are easily applied to even the fussiest of cats. Each one comes with a small silver bell so that your hoomin is at your beck and call.

As we all know, our hoomins really like taking pictures of us…so why not entertain them by slipping on one of our many adorable designs. After all, these photo-shoots are often followed by lots of delicious treats. It's a win-win!