10 Things Every Cat Parent Can Relate To



If you're a cat owner, you know that cats are the best pets you can own. Cats give us a lot of love, affection, companionship, and are generally amazing creatures. But they're also a handful! Four AM hallway races that wake us up, bringing us tiny dead animals as "gifts", and shoving their butts in our faces ... the list goes on. If you're a cat parent, chances are you can relate to at least one of those! Here are 10 all-too-relatable Tweets and posts for cat lovers. 

1. That cats are basically like tiny, trash-eating goblins. 


2. And that landlords have an unjust bias against pet owners:


3.  And of course, the inevitable sleeping cat trap: 


4. And vice versa, the TUMMY RUB TRAP:


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5. The eternal cat hair dilemma:


6. Having to deal with the Judgmental Stare: 


7. But don't forget the perks of owning a cat: protecting from spooky things! 


8. Every cat owner has had to deal with a passive-aggressive feline at some point. 


9. But more importantly, we've all used our cats as cup holders at least once


10. And of course, getting to experience the amusing randomness that is the "POST-POOP ZOOMIES"



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  • Sarah Lewis

    Anne Boutilier You have a very negative outlook on something that’s just simply meant to be cute and make you smile. I’m sorry for your loss, truly I am. I recently lost a fur baby too but your reaction is unjustified and ruthless towards an innocent post. I understand ur angry but you need to think about why it is your lashing out at someone. The world is not solely yours. It doesn’t revolve around you or your emotions. Grow up, grieve for your lost one like a normal person, and be nice to people who are just enjoying the beautiful things that come along with owning a cat. Remember the good things, don’t be so mean

  • Anne Boutilier

    Cheryl Dubbelman, you posted this odd bit of garbage the day before I had to put my darling boy down. It is now a week later, and I’m still heartbroken.
    Then I come across your nonsense. What made you do that? Why spew such toxins? Talking about your wonderful friend is more than welcome, and enjoyed. The other, TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!!! 🤨

  • Judy Hill

    uh, Cheryl Dubbelman… this IS their self. THEIR website. you came here deliberately, so you are actually the only one who needs to “keep your stupid comments to your self [sic].” and just remember: if you were dead, your lovely cat would most certainly eat your nose. I know mine would. and yeah, the butthole on the face gets told to Pippin every.damn.night. he’s such a doll. asshole, but a doll.

  • Janet Ginepro

    Laughing so hard! Living with cats is always entertaining!

  • Viki Long

    Ohhh my Lord!!
    I am the mother of 5 cat chidrinz, ……& I have been sitting here dying laughing, reading each one of these on the list because they have all happened to me at one time or another.
    My 5 are all rescue cats from my backyard or the local shelter. I have 3 ( A mama kitty that we call “ MK”, her son Pepper, his sister Scout, & 2 others — They are ALL our Hearts!! I have a yellow tabby Mountain spotted tiger lion he is the love of my life and if he doesn’t love to chew up a good piece of plastic like Holly mentioned, I’m not sitting here, SMH !!!! HE LOVES ALL THINGS PLASTIC—> even though he knows ( but forgets) that after he eats them, that he ALWAYS THROWS UP!!!—>> He’s got a good memory,> but it’s short. And we have a little two-year-old black girl who wandered into the back yard several years ago and came up on our back deck/porch ,that we rescued and had spayed, and she has some slight feral, neurotic tendencies, but my husband has fallen in love with her, so we try to overlook her shortcomings..🤭🥴😂…..
    Like Amanda mentioned above, about hers being “ her favorite little devil in the universe”…→> That pretty much sums up how WE feel about our little angels!! They fill our lives with so much joy and happiness , I can’t imagine our lives without them, especially since we never wanted two legged children… We much prefer these spectacular little creatures we have now , & they ALL have our ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ & don’t know what we would do without them…..

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