10 Things Every Cat Parent Can Relate To



If you're a cat owner, you know that cats are the best pets you can own. Cats give us a lot of love, affection, companionship, and are generally amazing creatures. But they're also a handful! Four AM hallway races that wake us up, bringing us tiny dead animals as "gifts", and shoving their butts in our faces ... the list goes on. If you're a cat parent, chances are you can relate to at least one of those! Here are 10 all-too-relatable Tweets and posts for cat lovers. 

1. That cats are basically like tiny, trash-eating goblins. 


2. And that landlords have an unjust bias against pet owners:


3.  And of course, the inevitable sleeping cat trap: 


4. And vice versa, the TUMMY RUB TRAP:


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5. The eternal cat hair dilemma:


6. Having to deal with the Judgmental Stare: 


7. But don't forget the perks of owning a cat: protecting from spooky things! 


8. Every cat owner has had to deal with a passive-aggressive feline at some point. 


9. But more importantly, we've all used our cats as cup holders at least once


10. And of course, getting to experience the amusing randomness that is the "POST-POOP ZOOMIES"



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  • WendyKate

    I am a dog and cat person! My cats have been so affectionate and funny!!! It depends on how you raise them. We have had to put two cats down within the last year and made me so heartbroken. They were so different but we have had them since they were kittens. One used to go for walks with us everywhere. He was never on a leash and always stayed right with us. He even tried to get on the bus with my son once. He was amazing and affectionate!!! The other was just a cuddler. He would slip his paw in between me and my husband and keep doing that until we moved apart and he would cuddle right in between us. Both were my little babies!!! We have always had kittens or cats since my husband and I moved in together before we were married in 1993. The ones we had as kittens were the most affectionate because they were raised that way. Cats and dogs can be a lot alike. I just think it depends on how you raise them!!! Cats need cuddles too!!!! The ones that act like they don’t want to be cuddled are the ones that weren’t cuddled since they were babies!!!!

  • Shawn

    This is so true. I, personally, have never been a cat person. Dogs, on the other hand, are obsessed with me. This all changed the day my wife and daughter plopped this messy little furball in my lap. He was little, his fur was wild as hell, and he definitely loved snuggles. I named him Tensa Zangetsu. He decided that, although I wasn’t a cat person, I was gonna be a Cat’s person. Now i have 8 of the little furry bastards. I love them all. Zangetsu is sitting here in my lap as I write this, with his silent worship, his demand for love, and his absolute devotion. I can’t believe I been missing out.

  • Elizabeth Smith

    Loved it so much my babies

  • Joyce Oxfeld

    I dearly love all Felions , whether they are the kind you can pet at home, or their bigger cousins that live in the wild or you can still visit in Zoos.
    I hear all this interesting stuff about domestic housecat Parents.
    I’ve done volunteer work in three facilities for stray and homeless pets. Cats and dogs, more successfully with cats. You don’t have to walk them. Just make sure some poor kitty doesn’t escape from his/her kennel and make a run for it.

  • Christine

    I agree with all of these. There’s a purring fur baby lying on me as I type this.

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