10 Things Every Cat Parent Can Relate To



If you're a cat owner, you know that cats are the best pets you can own. Cats give us a lot of love, affection, companionship, and are generally amazing creatures. But they're also a handful! Four AM hallway races that wake us up, bringing us tiny dead animals as "gifts", and shoving their butts in our faces ... the list goes on. If you're a cat parent, chances are you can relate to at least one of those! Here are 10 all-too-relatable Tweets and posts for cat lovers. 

1. That cats are basically like tiny, trash-eating goblins. 


2. And that landlords have an unjust bias against pet owners:


3.  And of course, the inevitable sleeping cat trap: 


4. And vice versa, the TUMMY RUB TRAP:


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5. The eternal cat hair dilemma:


6. Having to deal with the Judgmental Stare: 


7. But don't forget the perks of owning a cat: protecting from spooky things! 


8. Every cat owner has had to deal with a passive-aggressive feline at some point. 


9. But more importantly, we've all used our cats as cup holders at least once


10. And of course, getting to experience the amusing randomness that is the "POST-POOP ZOOMIES"



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  • Angel Robinson

    We don’t “own” a family member or any other sentient Being. Pets are family.

  • Gloria Good

    I am a proud owner of 4 Cats. They are indoor only so they have made the house their “Fun House”. They all take turns being on our laps, remind us when it’s time to feed them. They can be clowns, drama queens, you name it, they are Cats thru and thru but we love them all regardless. We started out with one Cat but eventually ended up with four. Our lives would be so empty without them!

  • Cheryl Dubbelman

    Your website stinks! I have a lovely cat whom I dearly loovee! Keep your stupid comments to your self!!

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