Gorgeous Men and Their Cat Lookalikes


Okay, ladies (and gents), you and your feline friend are in for a real TREAT! Here are some of the most gorgeous men on the planet, paired with equally gorgeous cat lookalikes.


Oh HELLO, I didn't see you there...



A little taste of HEAVEN.



Hey Beautiful, would you like to come and SNUGGLE with me?



I think these two are asking for a KISS!



Don't worry My Love, I'll PROTECT you.






DATE Night?





Well now, I think that is about us much as we can handle here at Meowingtons. Comment, and let us know if you'd like to see more!



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  • Destiny Brazille

    More, more and more again. I loved how you placed the men. And the kitties… Oh I am in Heaven.

  • Phoebe

    As for the ones whining about the nude men, get over it! The men were tastefully posed, nothing that l would be uncomfortable viewing with my six and eight year old great nieces, and the cats were great. Yes, l would love to see a variety of ethnicities, and body types among the men, as all are beautiful! What about a photo spread of wounded soldiers with cats?

  • firemist66

    There were CAT pictures??
    Seriously, these were pretty calm compared to a lot of the junk on t.v. (anyone note Miley Cyrus?? -
    makes these pictures pretty tame!) There is a charity calendar called KITTENDALES – that show
    hunky men with kittens……..I’m trying to get the shelter I volunteer for to get working men with their
    shirts off (police, firemen, lawyers,sanitation workers…….whatever) posing with adoptable cats!! I
    must admit, for a charitable cause, they would probably have to keep their pants on!! LOL

  • Lorraine

    Oh baby !! They are magnificent ! and the cats are as well… If they come as a set, I will adopt #‘s three and four. After all, can’t split them up.. and Brenda… there was not a thing that was disgusting except your comment. They were so well done, and yes, I would let my daughter see them. As for me, honey, I ain’t dead yet and I love it.. Again, so well done.

  • Louise

    Fun! I’m 66 and see nothing wrong with the human body and gorgeous cats. I agree. Let’s get some multiculturalism in here…and women?

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