Gorgeous Men and Their Cat Lookalikes


Okay, ladies (and gents), you and your feline friend are in for a real TREAT! Here are some of the most gorgeous men on the planet, paired with equally gorgeous cat lookalikes.


Oh HELLO, I didn't see you there...



A little taste of HEAVEN.



Hey Beautiful, would you like to come and SNUGGLE with me?



I think these two are asking for a KISS!



Don't worry My Love, I'll PROTECT you.






DATE Night?





Well now, I think that is about us much as we can handle here at Meowingtons. Comment, and let us know if you'd like to see more!



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  • CD Alexander

    There is nothing wrong with the human body. If God had wanted us to wear clothes, we would have been born that way.
    I have modeled for art classes and posed for classical nude photographers over the years. These matches were great fun to see. I appreciate the human form. There is much more nudity on TV and in print, I’d rather see the nudes than violence any day. My 3 are strictly indoor cats and affectionate. Two of them jump onto the bed when I go to sleep and one stays all night. I’m a recent widow, and they know I’m a little on the lonely side.

    I’ve also been called an almost Crazy Cat Lady. If I could afford it, I would definitely more than my 3 rescues.

  • Diana

    Love it!

  • Juliann Sliwa

    The pictures of the guys & kitties were
    beautifully & artistically done! Great
    photography! But I totally agree with Jes
    on Nov 6th, I would like to have seen more
    guys of multi-cultural/nationality.

  • Monica

    Please keep this link up!! People like “Brenda” need to get a life and quit being so uptight!! Live your life and enjoy it because it is so very short!
    AWESOME pictures

  • Carolina

    More please and thank you!

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