Gorgeous Men and Their Cat Lookalikes


Okay, ladies (and gents), you and your feline friend are in for a real TREAT! Here are some of the most gorgeous men on the planet, paired with equally gorgeous cat lookalikes.


Oh HELLO, I didn't see you there...



A little taste of HEAVEN.



Hey Beautiful, would you like to come and SNUGGLE with me?



I think these two are asking for a KISS!



Don't worry My Love, I'll PROTECT you.






DATE Night?





Well now, I think that is about us much as we can handle here at Meowingtons. Comment, and let us know if you'd like to see more!



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  • Carolina

    More please and thank you!

  • Brenda

    This was in very poor taste. I love cats, but the
    pictures of this sort were disgusting and embarrassing!

  • Carole Rick

    I thought it was very tasteful I loved all of the pictures of the guys and of course the kitties. Meow

  • Candi Beamish

    Love the photos. Nothing wrong with the unclothed human figure!! Violence is everywhere, on TV, music lyrics.. and that should concern parents way more than a little skin!!

  • Jess

    I too expected this to be “working cats”. The email link might need tweaking.
    I understand some viewers may think these photos are extreme but the site they were pulled from is a French tumblr: Des Hommes et du Chat. These photos are meant to be art not just snapshots of your bf & your neighbor’s tabby. Meowingtons I’m in full support of what you were trying to accomplish. Beautiful, playful, & ironic photographs. We are mostly women buyers and we are 100% cat lovers. Which is more “eye catching” hunks vs cats? I love the idea please keep us entertained!

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