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Cat Toys

Mewton’s First Law states that a cat will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force. At Meowingtons, we know it can be difficult to uproot those lazy kitty-cat couch potatoes, especially once the youthful energy of kittenhood is behind them. Or maybe your cat has a wilder side; keeping you up at night with a playful energy so endless they make even The Flash look slow in comparison.

Lazy cat, crazy cat or somewhere in between, don’t worry: Meowingtons has just the cat toys you and your fur-baby need. From laser pointers to feathered wands and light-up mice toys, Meowingtons is here to help you find the toy your cat craves. Whether the goal is some quality one-on-one time with your fur-baby or to help get some exercise to shed some extra “fluff”, our cat toys will get even the laziest of catloafs on their paws again!

Our cat toy collection is designed exclusively with cats in mind. Hidden somewhere underneath all that fluff is the natural instinct to hunt prey, which might explain why you keep finding dead lizards and mice in your shoes in the morning. To keep your shoes clear of well-meant but admittedly pretty gross “gifts,” keep your wild cat on the hunt with a feathered cat wand or unique laser pointer that’ll recreate the thrill of hunting a mouse or bird. Our feather ball cat wand and unique, custom-designed laser pointer are the ideal way to spend some quality time with your needy, loving kitty without having to run circles around the house after a long day at work!

So, what are you waiting for? Treat your cat (and yourself) to a purrfect cat toy right meow. We paw-mise your cat will keep coming back for more!