Flutter-Ring Cat Teaser Wand Attachment

Flutter-Ring Cat Teaser Wand Attachment
Flutter-Ring Cat Teaser Wand Attachment
Flutter-Ring Cat Teaser Wand Attachment
Flutter-Ring Cat Teaser Wand Attachment

Flutter-Ring Cat Teaser Wand Attachment

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Need a Telescoping Wiggly Worm Cat Teaser Wand  for your Flutter-Ring Attachment? Follow meow!

Cats' affinity for paper, especially crinkled paper, is a well-known fact. Now, imagine taking that crinkled paper and elevating it into an engaging playtime experience by introducing the Flutter-ring. This handmade cat toy combines the irresistible appeal of crinkled paper with a stimulating loop and dynamic motion to spark your feline friend's play instincts. The Flutter-ring can be enjoyed as a standalone toy or easily attached to our Wiggly Wand (available separately), offering a refreshing twist to playtime and ensuring your cat keeps coming back for more.

Here's why you should consider the Flutter-ring for your cat:

  • Versatile Play: The ring design of the Flutter-ring is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all cats, making it suitable for a variety of play styles. Cats can catch, hook, and hold the ring in an interactive and entertaining manner.
  • Claw-Friendly: While the Flutter-ring accommodates cats with claws, it's worth noting that it can also be enjoyed by declawed cats, thanks to its user-friendly loop.
  • Compatibility with Telescoping Wiggly Worm Cat Teaser Wand: To enhance the play experience, simply attach the Flutter-ring to our Telescoping Wiggly Worm Cat Teaser Wand, give it a gentle tug or swipe, and observe your cat's predatory instincts spring to life. This toy encourages safe biting and interactive play, providing your cat with a satisfying outlet for their natural behaviors.

For those seeking more playful variety, we offer an array of other Wiggly Wand attachments to further enrich your cat's entertainment, including the Buzzer and Wiggly Worm attachment. Explore these options to keep your cat engaged and entertained during playtime.

• Attachment for the Telescoping Wiggly Worm Cat Teaser Wand
• Teaser wand is sold separately.
• Crafted from cat-safe eco-friendly, biodegradable crinkle paper
• Biting is encouraged with this 100% safe material.

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