Buzzer Cat Teaser Wand Attachment

Buzzer Cat Teaser Wand Attachment
Buzzer Cat Teaser Wand Attachment
Buzzer Cat Teaser Wand Attachment

Buzzer Cat Teaser Wand Attachment

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Need a Telescoping Wiggly Worm Cat Teaser Wand  for your Buzzer Attachment? Follow meow!

Keeping your cat entertained and active is essential for their well-being. One effective method to prevent boredom in your feline friend is by providing a range of attachments for their wand toy! This offers a stimulating way to engage your cat, ensuring both physical and mental fitness through opportunities for hunting, chasing, and playing.

Introducing our innovative Buzzer attachment (including a bell for added enticement), inspired by the lively insects of spring and summer. This toy is designed to replicate the outdoors in a safe, natural, and eco-friendly manner. Cats are naturally drawn to the crinkling noise it produces, reminiscent of small prey rustling in leaves or hovering over flowers. The Buzzer attachment is crafted from biodegradable paper with a soft faux fur center, making it safe for your cat to chew on.

The Buzzer stands at approximately 3 inches tall with a 3-inch wingspan and is equipped with a jingly bell, allowing you to tailor the experience to your cat's preferences. Please note that the wand is sold separately.

If you're looking to pair your Buzzer attachment with a compatible Telescoping Wiggly Worm Cat Teaser Wand, we have you covered!

While your cat enjoys their playtime with the Buzzer attachment, it's essential to supervise their interaction with the toy. Regularly inspect the product for any signs of damage, including rips or tears, and immediately remove the toy if any parts become separated to prevent potential injury to your pet.

• Attachment for the Telescoping Wiggly Worm Cat Teaser Wand
• Teaser wand is sold separately.
• Buzzer measures 3" x 3"
• Includes small bell
• Crafted from cat-safe eco-friendly, biodegradable crinkle paper with a soft faux fur center

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