11 Things your Cat Is Thankful For



Thanksgiving is a time of taking stock of what in life we're, well, thankful for. Even our favorite felines can get into the spirit of the season!

1. Boxes.

"If I fits, I -- oops!" 

2. Sunshine.

"It's warm and it keeps me chasing after it, which I respect."


3. Catnip

"...What? I don't have a catnip problem!! Maybe you have the catnip problem! I use it for stress relief!"

4. Those good, good chin scratchies.

"It's the best massage a cat could ask for. Seriously!" 

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5. Adequate space to lick bum.

"You've got to have plenty of room to stretch the legs!"


6. Freshly made beds.

"I'm thankful for the opportunity to ruin freshly made beds every week."


7. Private bonding time in the bathroom.

"Finally, some time alone!"


8. Grocery shopping days

"What isn't there to love about grocery shopping days? There are lots of new, yummy food smells ... and plastic bags, of course!"

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9. The dog.

"They make the purrfect scapegoat."


10. Bird watching

"...I'll get them one day!"


11. And last but not least, they are thankful for their loving humans! Even if they don't always show it.

"...Okay, so don't let it go to your head, hoomin. But it's true. Haven't you been wondering what all the head bonks and slow blinks are about?"




  • DAN LUBNIEWSKI - Birdman of long beach

    ANGEL BABY – He crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago but he was so dedicated to me. Every single day he did the most serious
    ceremonies walking on my chest. I know without a doubt he was trying to heal me. I am a disabled U.S. Marine although to look at me
    you would never know it. Angel Baby walked on my chest daily trying to make me well. He didn’t want anyone messing with him when he did his ceremonies. He would put his body down to mine and just quiver bless his loving heart. My symptoms have almost been in remission for years and I seriously think he did do some healing. So much we don’t know but I believe with all my heart animals do have the power to heal. My life for yrs. has been animal rescue and they need all the help we can give them.If you live in an area that animals get heartworms which will kill your pets. Contact me – Danny – mr.lee@inbox.com – I will give you the address in Canada of a great company to order ‘’Heartworm Preventative’’ without a prescription I think ‘’Revolution / Stronghold’’ is the best. It’s topical so you don’t have to worry about pills being spit out. It only cost you about $11.00 a month – It works as a Heartworm Preventative, Fleas, Ear Mites, Ticks, Sarcoptic Mange etc. And its safe to use on Lactating Pets – Wonderful Stuff – Wonderful Prices and only cost about $4.99 shipping – takes about 2 weeks to get it. Vets will not tell you this – A vet tech gave me this info: If you give the Heartworm Preventative for 24 months straight after they get heartworms that most of the times it will get rid of the Heartworms contrary to what vets will tell you because they want your money. I have been giving it to a rescue Terrier that was Heartworm Positive for 15 months now and he seems to be doing great.

  • Jacquelyn Powell

    Loved when the cat fell slowly in the bow.love all cats and kittens!

  • Audrey

    Lol. So true on all!! #11 happens to all 3 cats when I dance with them to Gregory Alan Isakov’s Amsterdam. They love a waltz as much as I do.

  • Marsha Meme

    There r so many more things but too little space. My Mr Bazzie kept my heart together when I was so lonely. But when he passed I thought I’d never be able to stop crying. Than Miss Fifi adopted me several months ago N I was surprised how quickly we became friends. Although she won’t ever replace Bazzie but she did bring with her all the 10 things u just named. She makes me laugh all the time. Cats r so special n very smart. Dogs bring joy too. I have had both. But cats r more thoughtful n cuddly n devoted in a different way. I taught my Bazzie to count, his colors, to b an alarm clock, to answer my outside door when the doorbell rang, to shower, to use a human toilet , more things than there is space to list. He was so intelligent n so much fun. I will never forget him n neither do others that knew him. Your blog is delightful. I hope I get to see it again. 💕

  • Sharon

    Love them all!!!!

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