11 Things your Cat Is Thankful For



Thanksgiving is a time of taking stock of what in life we're, well, thankful for. Even our favorite felines can get into the spirit of the season!

1. Boxes.

"If I fits, I -- oops!" 

2. Sunshine.

"It's warm and it keeps me chasing after it, which I respect."


3. Catnip

"...What? I don't have a catnip problem!! Maybe you have the catnip problem! I use it for stress relief!"

4. Those good, good chin scratchies.

"It's the best massage a cat could ask for. Seriously!" 

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5. Adequate space to lick bum.

"You've got to have plenty of room to stretch the legs!"


6. Freshly made beds.

"I'm thankful for the opportunity to ruin freshly made beds every week."


7. Private bonding time in the bathroom.

"Finally, some time alone!"


8. Grocery shopping days

"What isn't there to love about grocery shopping days? There are lots of new, yummy food smells ... and plastic bags, of course!"

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9. The dog.

"They make the purrfect scapegoat."


10. Bird watching

"...I'll get them one day!"


11. And last but not least, they are thankful for their loving humans! Even if they don't always show it.

"...Okay, so don't let it go to your head, hoomin. But it's true. Haven't you been wondering what all the head bonks and slow blinks are about?"




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