12 Accessories That Cat Addicts Need To See Right Meow

If you're like us, you think about cats a lot. Like, a lot. Your cat is never far from your thoughts; even when you're at work, you're thinking about what your cat is up to at home. Some people might call you a crazy cat lady – but, hey, we’re in the same crazy cat lady boat as you. And we love it. So embrace your inner cat lady with a subtle and simply sweet accessory to help you celebrate the source of your obsession: cats. 

1. Cat Face Silhouette Earrings

Looking for the purr-fect way to add a little personality to your wardrobe? Look no further! 

silver cat face earrings cat face silhouette earrings

2. Paw Print Cat Earrings

These paw print earrings purrfectly capture the round jellybean toes that make cat paws so adorable. Who doesn’t love some good toe beans?! 

silver paw print earrings cat paw earrings

3. Meow Cat Ring

Written in a flowing, cursive script, each Meow is a testament to your love for our feline friends.

meow cat ring meow script ring

4. Dainty Cat Ring

This Dainty Cat Ring is elegant, charming, and simply sublime – plus, it looks like a cat! It’s everything you could want in a ring. 

dainty cat ring gold cat face ring

5. Pearl Paws and Ears Ring

Putting a fun, feline twist on a classy classic, this imitation pearl ring is the purrfect fit for any vintage-inspired feline fashionista. 

pearl cat ring pearl cat paws and ears ring

6. Pearl Cat Earrings

Minimalist and classic, these pearly cat stud earrings will fit with any outfit and purr-fect for every occasion -- in the words of Jackie O, "Pearls are always appropriate."

7. Diamond Cat Ears Ring

A sleek, Swarovski-studded ring with just the right amount of feline simplicity that makes it a cat lover's must-have! 

Photo: Instagram

8. Diamond Cat Necklace

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend ... but so is her cat. This necklace is the best of both worlds! 

diamond cat necklace


9. Also available with a matching pair of Diamond Cat Earrings!

diamond cat earrings diamond cat necklace

10. Crystal Paw Print Bracelet 

When you slip on this charming little crystal cat charm bracelet, you'll feel a special connection to that special someone in your life - yep, we're talking about your cat.


11. Crystal Paw Print Ring 

If you're looking for your next kitty cat fix or gift for the cat lady in your life, the Crystal Paw Print Bracelet is the purrfect fit - literally! The ends of this adjustable cat ring can be gently pulled to fit any finger.  

crystal paw print ring

12. Personalized Pet Memorial Necklace

The custom Personalized Memorial Pet Necklace kit is a unique, one-of-a-kind way to honor your cat and always keep them close to your heart. 


  • Jaiden

    I want all of these!

  • Jaiden

    I want all of these!

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