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Paw Print Earrings

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Why We Love Them

If you're like us, your cat is never far from your thoughts; even when you're at work, you're thinking about what your cat is up to at home. Some people might call you a crazy cat lady – but, hey, we’re in the same crazy cat lady boat as you. And we love it. Embrace your inner cat lady with a pair of Paw Print Earrings, a subtle and simply sweet accessory to help you celebrate the source of your obsession: cats. The tiny paw prints purrfectly capture the round jellybean toes that make cat paws so adorable. Who doesn’t love some good toe beans?! These silver plated cat stud earrings make the purrfect gift for the crazy cat lady in your life – or treat your own cat lady self to a new bit of cat bling!


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