Paranormal Cativity: 10 Scary Stories of Paranormal Pets


We asked for your stories of Paranormal Cativity, and you delivered. Here are the chilling results. From staring at a cat that's staring at something that's definitely not there or experiencing the presence of beloved pet that has long since passed, these stories have it all. If there's one way to get into the Halloween spirit (besides looking at photos of cats in costumes), it's reading spooky stories. So gather 'round, cats and kittens, and read on ... if you dare

1.  Let the Right Cat in

"A few years ago, we were having work done on the bathroom upstairs. The plumber was in and out all day through the front door and after he'd done, he said: "I'm sorry but I've just let your Siamese cat through the front door and he's gone upstairs." I pointed to the one in the room with me and he said "No, not that one. The very dark (seal) one." I said "Ah! Ok, thank you." The seal point had died a couple of years earlier. Only the torti point was left." - Submitted by Amanda Boler, Facebook



2.  I'll Keep You Warm

"This may be more sweet than creepy...We had a dog that was a chow and golden retriever mix. She was the sweetest dog. Leyla Belle, our cat, would come down at night knead and nuzzle in Bear's long thick fur and go to sleep. Bear passed away at 13, and her bed was always next to my husband's recliner. When anyone tried to move the bed, Leyla would get very upset and protective and not allow it to be moved. Leyla Belle continued to come down each night and get in Bear's bed, knead and go through the motions of nuzzling and finally curl up and go to sleep. No doubt Bear's sweet spirit was still there keeping her warm and safe." - Submitted by DJ Rhyne, Facebook



3. The Unknown

"After my father died, Cricket, a cat he loved, refused to come into my house. He kept looking at a spot above the mantle in the living room and would not come any further. He definitely saw something that frightened him. It was odd because he had never done that before." - Jeanette Barney, Facebook


 4. In The Doghouse

"Many years ago we had a dog that loved her doghouse that my dad built for her. It was great: insulated with an asphalt roof. When she had a cat buddy, they slept in it together. One day her kitty came home badly injured and died in the doghouse. She never set foot in that doghouse again. You couldn't even push her through the doorway of it. She lived another 10 years, and wouldn't go near it." - Diane Peters, Facebook


 5. Friendly Shadows

"When I was a kid, my first pet was a cat with no tail. After he died, I'd sometimes see his silhouette walk across me at night when I'd wake up randomly. I had two other cats, but I knew it was him because this silhouette also had no tail. That, and my other cats would usually be on the floor." - rachaelpwns, Reddit


6. The Shattered Glass

"My childhood cat went into the utility room and just sat staring at his glass food dish, which then proceeded to violently explode into smithereens, covering the whole room. The cat was unharmed." - Philippa Docherty, Facebook


7. The Unseen

"Years ago we were watching TV in my in-laws' basement. All of a sudden, our adolescent black cat made himself puffy and arched his back and started walking sideways, while growling, at something we could not see. After about 2 minutes of that, he screamed and ran from the room. Freaked us both out." - Stephanie Grier, Facebook 



 8. Let The Light In

"My house one time became suddenly stuffy and the air was heavy even though we always kept air flowing through all the huge windows, my cats started getting aggressive at the ceiling, the walls, nothing in particular, then they became sick and had no energy. Things felt creepy and dark, I became restless at night feeling something watching me. I decided enough was enough and cleansed my entire house and things went back to normal right away, you felt how light everything became." - Gina De Asbaje, Facebook


9. Seeing The Unseen

"Our old home was a bit interesting. The cats we owned often hissed and stared at something they saw in an empty part of a room that we couldn’t see. They’d all follow it with their eyes in unison as it moved through a room and then suddenly go back to normal and relax as if it had departed. It was more than a bit freaky." - Submitted by Veronika Sain, Facebook


10. Silent Guardian

"When I was little, we had a cat named Guedo. He was blind and deaf and we loved each other to pieces, in a way that only an old cat and little girl could. He used to sleep on the edge of the bed while I was napping to make sure I wouldn't roll off, and was very protective of me. After he passed, I would still see him in his usual spots. My mom also reported more than once that she saw him sleeping next to me, and when she put her hand on the bed where she had seen him, it was warm." - Anonymous, Reddit

What did you think of these Tails from the Crypt? Share yours in the comments!


  • Alex A

    My husband and I had a cat that passed away a few years due to an illness. We cherished those 7 years with him. The night we lost him I was so devastated, I tried to sleep but to no avail. As if our cat knew this I saw a silhouette in front of my tv just out of arms reach. When I got off the bed he was gone. Still to this day about once or twice a month we feel a hop on the bed where he used to sleep.

  • Paula S

    We now have 3 dogs and 3 cats. Our cats aren’t allowed in our bedroom because we gave a fabric chair they all like to claw. Once my husband and I both saw a cat scoot behind the chair, actually a black cat tail with a white tip. We both wondered how the cat got in and dashed over before the clawing started. Then we realized, the only black cat we had at the time didn’t have a white tipped tail. We had a black and white cat named Clyde who passed a few years earlier. When we looked behind the chair, there was no cat there. Our Clyde just came back for a little visit.

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