Cats That Are Absolutely Slaying Their Costumes This Halloween


These cats didn't come to play, they came to slay. These fierce kitties are proof that cats don't have to hate their Halloween costumes. In fact, they can totally and completely slay them ... and slay in them. Look out, mice. And in the end, your cats end up looking much cuter than you in your Halloween costume. But to be fair, is there anything we humans do that cats can't make ten times more adorable? So without further ado, here are some fierce kitties ready to slay this Halloween. 

Look at this Pirate Kitty strut his stuff down the gangplank. 

"...You'll float too." 

Via Willowthesquishycat, Instagram

This little bumbly bee.

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Photo: Instagram

This kitty is taking his role as NosferCATu very seriously.  

Via Monkandbean, Instagram 


You don't need tons of props to get the job done. Sometimes a pair of sunnies and the right cattitude is all it takes to slay the Halloween look. 

Via, Instagram

And this kitty, who ain't afraid of no ghost.


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I ain’t afurrraid of no ghost 👻

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Who knew some printer paper and a very patient cat could make the purrfect Halloween costume? Check out this Totoro costume! 

The Demogorgon has never looked so cute. Or so terrifying.

Via Cat-Cosplay, Instagram

Cats were often kept aboard ships to keep bad weather and ghosts away. So canonically these costumes make perfect sense. 

Via mochi.sumo, Instagram

Speaking of boats ...



All we need now is a dog dressed as Mr. Snuffleupagus! 

Proof that Porgs are indeed the cats of the Star Wars universe.

Via Willowthesquishycat, Instagram

"Was the opurration a success, Dr. Adorable?" "Don't patronize me, Nurse Karen."

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Via Madfluffs, Instagram

This little Chiquita Kitten has gone full incatnito.

And we'll just paint a happy little kitty over here ... 

Via Cat-cosplay, Instagram 


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  • Whidbey Island Girl

    So cute!

  • grace


  • Birdman of long beach

    I am a older Marine and have rescued hundreds of dogs and other animals, jumped in the middle of dogs bigger than me fighting to break it up at different times. And as stupidly brave as I at times I don’t think I would have the guts to try and put a costume on a cat – Ha Ha Ha Ha – As Clint Eastwood would say you need to know your limitations. I think most cats would try to rip you to shreds just trying to give them medication so are the cats given a sedative first. New friends appreciated if you have the time – – Share rescue stories.

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