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Pirate Cat Costume

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Why We Love It

Argh, matey! Transform your cat into the scourge of the Seven Seas with the Pirate Cat costume! This adorable cat outfit fits over your cat's two front legs in a pair of fabulous pantaloons fit for any piratical cat. It also features two fake arms, one with a fearsome hook even Captain Hook would envy. The purr-fect cat Halloween costume for any adventurous scalawag. So dress up your cat in the Pirate Cat costume and get ready to sail the Seven Seas with your new Captain Kitty at your side!



Size & Fit Information

  • 1 Pirate Cat Costume (Hat Included)
  •  Length: 14.2"-15", Neck Girth: 13.4"-14.2"

ACCESSORIES Cat Costume Line.




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