13 Cats Who DEFINITELY Just Saw A Ghost, Okay?

It's almost Halloween, you guys. Are you getting into the Spirit, as they say? (These kitties sure are.) Now imagine, if you will, a nice, quiet night at home. You're sitting on the couch, munching some stealthy late-night treat, watching an episode of Real Housecats of Orange County with your cat.

Then your cat, who you honestly thought was asleep because they started doing that little snore that's really cute? Stay with me here. Imagine that your cat wakes up and stares at an obviously empty corner. They follow something with their eyes, something that clearly isn't there. Then they pull one of these:


They start growling at nothing or get all fluffed up for no explainable reason. You start to wonder, "What's going on here?"


Clearly, your cat has seen a ghost. 

*Screams internally*

halloween cat cute 

"What? I'm not screaming, this is what my meow always sounds like!"  

halloween cat cute


"If I can't see the ghost, the ghost can't see me!"

halloween cat ghost


 "That human just floated by, haha. Silly humans! Wait. Humans don't float ..."


spooky cat gif




spooky cat gif


"Not cool, man. The ghost tried to PET me."



"Something touched me! I swear it did!!"

"I have seen too much." 

via Instagram



cat ghost halloween cat

 via Instagram


 "I heard human shake the treat bag. And when I went into the kitchen, there were no treats!"


cat hiding under blanket


"My offerings keep disappearing from the litter box. Still unsure if the Spirit is pleased."


cat peeking creeper cat

Via Instagram

"They're everywhere, Susan!"

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