Are Cats Actually The World's Greatest Spies?


Cats are natural-born spies, predators who learn the art of stealth from kittenhood.

sneaky kitten gif playing kitten

They're masters of espionage, complete with built-in night vision ...


cat with glasses cat sunglasses

Satellites ...


cat ears gif white cat gif

And expert climbing skills even that dude from Assassin's Creed would envy.


assassins creed cat


>They're always watching.


sneaky cat gif  creeper cat phone case cat phone


They're always listening.


kittens hiding kittens playing


Strategically placed in our homes, hiding their true motives from us like they hide in boxes.


cats in boxes


For whom are they spying? The FBI? The CIA? MI6? Aliens?


crazy cat


Instead of worrying about your microwaves eavesdropping on your conversations, you should be paying attention to where the cat is.


ninja cat bugged microwaves


They've bugged the lights.


ceiling cat basement cat

Even the walls have eyes.


cat in wall cat memes cats in weird places


These clever beasts are masters of disguise. 


cat plush cat stuffed animal


They hide in plain sight.


black cat lucky black cat


cat fails

Always sleeping with one eye open.


cat in sink invisible cat white cat

Never letting us out of sight for very long. 


cat paws toe beans paws under door


Their skills of stealth and deception are unparalleled in the animal world ... 


cat climbing wall cat on building



parkour cat cat jumping cat acrobats

So, the next time you find your cat lurking in the windowsill, pretending to nap in a sunbeam ...


cat in window cat curtains


Be sure to keep your wits about you. Document any suspicious signs.  

Because even when you think you're alone ... 


cat behind


You're not.


hiding cat sneaky




  • Kat Wrangler

    I loved these pictures. As if I couldn’t love cats more <3

    I am sending this article to every cat person I know.
    It’s too funny, and too true !

  • Linda

    Ditto on that…..What did happen to the story about the confused dogs you eluded to? TEASE!!

  • Cooper

    What happened to the story about the confused dogs?

  • Gloria Dokken

    I was glad to see someone with more cats than I have. Right now I only have 11. We live in the country so a few of them go outside during the day, never at night due to wild carnivores. People seem to feel it’s OK to dump cats and dogs near us and we do take in all we find or that come to us and find them good homes or they stay here. These pictures are wonderful. I have seen some of our furry clowns doing things like this. I have often called and called until I am totally frustrated and worried and the object of my attention is sitting right behind me watching. Making humans feel like idiots is one of their favorite things, and it is so easy for them. Thanks for the pictures. They made my day.

  • Diane Ricciardi Stewart

    I have 13 “spies” — or should I say, they have me!! LOLOLOL!!! They are all adopted/rescued. . .LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!!

    Shari B, — I so agree!!!!


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