Photos Of Cats On Glass Are Utterly Adorable, In Case You Didn't Know January 16 2020, 2 Comments

There will be fluff. There will be whiskers. And the best part? There will be tons and tons of squishy toe beans. Yes, you've seen kitty cat peets before. But not like this! 

1. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! No, it's a UFO!  (Unidentified Feline Object)

bird cat


2. Perfectly symmetrical, from tail to toe bean, even down to that tiny blep.   

cat paws toebeans kitty peetsSource: Andrius Burba

3. No one will be spared judgment from Above. 


4. Look at these perfect toe beans, all in a row! 

5. And this feline who knows how to work his angles!




6. And this snowball, who proves once and for all that cats are liquid:


7. And this great grump:



8. Or this hover cat, who just wants to wish you a good morning: 

u/mooglenz / Via


9. Here we have a Photo-copycat, featuring a multicolored 4k toe bean display. 


10. And lastly, the fluffiest, tuftiest kitty cat peets in the wild, wild west. 


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