Perfect Little Cat Peets to Brighten Your Day


Having one of those "this just isn't my day" days? Or maybe it hasn't been your week. Hey, it's okay. Sometimes you just need to look at pictures of cats. And their perfect little peets. And maybe some toe beans, for good measure. Kitty paws come in all shapes and sizes, one of them is bound to cheer you up! 

Author's note: It helps if you read this post in Bob Ross' voice. 



Just try to frown when you're looking at this happy little freckled friend. Can't do it, can you?



That's 'cause these kitty peets here are made from the purest, roundest marshmallow fluff.

fat cat


Some paws are comprised of angelic jelly beans, says science. Can't argue with science.  

pink jelly beans cat toes


We're pretty sure some, if not all, peets are made of magic. 

cat aesthetic cats are magical


Then there's dippy paws, which are, of course, peets that have been dipped in stardust.

(Definitely not litter dust. Nope. Uh-uh.)

tuxedo cat paws toe beans


There are tufted fluffs for those in a colder clime. 

gray calico dilute calico


Designed for maximum warm 'n fuzzy levels. 

tortitude calico cat paws



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And they've still got a bit of the wild in them ...

outdoor cats  

"The Mighty Hunter."

cats in leaves


Whatever it is that makes cat paws so perfect ... 

cats on books

white cat paws



It's pretty clear that they're the treasure waiting at the end of the rainbow.

rainbow paws rainbow cat


P.S. I almost forgot about the rare and extra purrfect polydactyl peets.

polydactyl cat extra toes



PPS: Also these paws that are large and in charge. 

snow leopard ghost of the mountains leopard paws



There's nothing quite like holding your kitty's sweet li'l peets when times get tough. Don't have a cat to call your own? Remember: Adopt, don't shop!

kitty cat paws




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  • Lavender FluffyPaws

    I love all of the beans

  • sofia

    i love you. thanks you for this article. very relevant journalism. <3

  • laurie bennett

    When I saw the title of the article, I had no idea what a “peet” was. I am so much smarter now, my friend always used to say how he loved kitty feet, I kind of thought that was weird but now I get it. I’m gonna go hug my babies and take a close look at their peets.

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