Photographer Captures Ninja Cats in Ameowzing Action Shots February 20 2019, 4 Comments

We all know that cats are talented creatures. They are masters of stealth. They are epic photobombers. And according to one photographer’s dramatic photos, they’re also ninjas.

Japanese photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki has dedicated his time to shooting cats in the midst of amazing leaps and bounds. These action shots capture the grace and agility of the feline form, from their languid legs and outstretched paws to their hunters’ stares.

In a series of purrfectly timed photos, Hiroyuki captures impressive jumps, explosive kicks and powerful paw punches as cats channel their inner ninja. Hiroyuki describes himself as a cat photographer who’s good at getting photos of cats thanks to his trusty feather toy. Scroll down to view some of our favorite of Hiroyuki’s dynamic shots.

Hiroyuki captures these amazing moments thanks to a highspeed camera and a feather toy. 

From stunning individual shots ...

To photos that look like they were taken from an all-feline rendition of West Side Story ... 

Hiroyuki always manages to photograph these energetic cats at the purr-fect moment. 

Resulting in some amazingly cinematic shots.