12 Cats Who Think They're Hiding From The Vet


These cats are convinced they've got a foolproof plan for hiding at the vet's office. I mean, cats are some of the world's most efficient hunters, with a 70% success rate when hunting in open turf. Cats definitely know how to go full-on Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator, right? You'd think. But these cats haven't quite gotten the concept of staying "out of sight." 

1. "If I can't see them, they can't see me."

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2. "Pay no mind to the kitty behind the computer!"


3. "This tiny hole is the perfect hiding spot. I'm practically invisible."


5. "Out of sight, out of mind!"


6. "I am Darkness. I am shadow. I am the night."


7. "This is an escape pod, right? RIGHT?"


8. "Good luck, bud." 


9. "I'm invisible." 


10. "Okay, this HAS to be the emergency exit!"


11. "It's clearly a portal to another world! One without vets!" 



Does your cat try and "hide" at the vet? What are some ways you help keep them calm? 


  • Evelyn

    This is sooo funny! I have a cat, and #9 would explain her 😂

    was my favorite. Sorry, not an escape pod! I also had to look a bit before I found the cat in #6.

  • Jean Jenn

    All the cats are trying to get into small enclosed places, which cats do all the time! (think boxes)

    On the other hand I did have a cat, now deceased, who would hide his head at the vet’s, so the “I can’t see you, you can’t see me” thing is true for some cats. Mostly my cats just like exploring the room we’re in, waiting for the vet.

  • Angela

    Hilarious! Summer is like #1!
    Love #6 I am darkness. Hands down. I really had to look! Laughing so hard Im coughing! This is the best medicine. Love Cats!

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