The Art of "Cat Stacking" July 16 2021, 5 Comments

Having a rough day? It's okay, everyone has off days. Take it easy on yourself. You know what might help cheer you up? The obvious answer is, of course, pictures of cats. But these cat photos are next level. Are you ready for this?

It's stuff, of all shapes and sizes, stacked on very patient cats

Now, if you have a cat, chances are you've done this at least once. Who among us hasn't seen a peacefully sleeping cat and thought, "I bet I could fit at least two remotes on there without her waking up." 

These photos, gathered from hundreds of users on reddit, would seem to prove this theory true. And, hey, there's no idiom about letting sleeping cats lie, right? Welcome to the world of Cat Stacking. 

Some cat stackers started off small.

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Others went straight for it. 

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Go big or go home, right?

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While it seems easy enough ...

Cat Stacking is clearly an art form.

It takes patience...

Dedication ...

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And a cat who literally could not care less.  

Or a cat that is just a really, really deep sleeper.

There is no limit to the stuff you can stack on your cat.


From toy dinosaurs ...

To modern day dinosaurs ...

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The only limits are your imagination.

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And the miscellaneous objects you have lying around your house, of course. 

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So, why not give cat stacking a try?

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It doesn't have to be anything fancy ...

You could even create your own Coachella-esque photo shoot. 

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All the chicks dig it. 

So if you try your hand at Cat Stacking ... Good luck, and good stacking! 

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