Bottoms Up! It's National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week


Calling all cat lovers! This is not a drill. We repeat: This is not a drill! It's National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week. Because, hey, it's not drinking alone when you're drinking with your cat! 

Created by two cat-loving companies, Drink Wine With Your Cat Week is a combination of Drink Wine Day and Love Your Pet Day, celebrated on Feb. 18th and 20th respectively. and PetWinery are the sites behind this stroke of genius!  Sommeliers of the human and feline variety now have a reason to celebrate: there's an official reason to stay home with your cat and binge Netflix over a glass of wine. And the best part? Your cat can now safely join in on the fun with wine that's just for cats

pinot meow cat wine drink wine with your cat week

Alcohol consumption is dangerous for cats (and any animal). But thanks to a little drink called Pinot Meow, you can fill up your kitty's cup with a bit of feline wine: Pinot Meow.  While you indulge in a glass of Pinot Noir, your kitty cat can happily indulge in a glass of wine themselves with this non-alcoholic wine for cats made of organic catnip, water, sea salt, organic beets.  

pinot meow cat wine meowmosa cat wine drink wine with your cat week

With Pinot Meow and Meowmosa, there's a cat wine for more than one occasion, whether at brunch or dining à la carte! Or is that à la cat?

So whether you want to celebrate Drink Wine With Your Cat Week by unwinding with a glass after a long day at work or toast your fine feline with a brunch-time mimosa or two, this week will have you and your cat feline fine in no time! 

pinot meow cat wine meowmosa cat wine drink wine with your cat weekPhoto via Instagram

Cheers, cat fam! 


pinot meow cat wine meowmosa cat wine drink wine with your cat week


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