Show Your Cat Some Love on National Pet Day!


It's National Pet Day! And what better way to show your pet you love them by spoiling them rotten - even more than you already do, of course. Even if they don't always act like angels, our pets deserve to be spoiled every now and then, just like any other member of the family. 

1. Floating Cat Wall Shelves

Bring the jungle into your living room and turn your house cat into a house lion with The Floating Cat Wall Shelves. These leafy, verdant shelves provide your cat with a natural hiding place from which to survey their kingdom. 

Photo: Instagram

2. Milton's Premium Catnip or Catnip Bubbles

miltons premium catnip catnip bottle catnip shaker


3. Luxury Cat Tree

Luxury indeed - bring out your cat's wild side without having to feel like you're living outdoors. 

cat tree leaves cat tree bark cat tree carpet

cat tree with leaves cat tree house cat haven luxury cat tree


4. Gone fishin' with the telescoping Fishing Rod Toy!

With the Extendable Fishing Pole Cat Toy, you'll be reeling in a whopper - your cat! 


5. Carpe diem (or is that Carpe Carp?) with the Fish Kicker Cat Toy!

Now your cat can stop telling you those outrageous stories about "The One That Got Away," You know, where the fish gets bigger every time they tell the story?





6. Fish have to swim, cats have to scratch: The Rainbow Fish Essential Cat Scratcher!

 Scratching is important for your cat's health and well-being. But if you're tired of your cat scratching on your rugs and couches, encourage them to scratch on the Rainbow Fish Hanging Scratcher instead! 

7. Snuggle up with the Cat Eared Pouch Sweater!

If your cat is a fan of cuddling, they'll love this hoodie - and you will too! Equipped with a faux-fur lined pouch, your cat can curl up, safe and sound in the pouch while you binge some Netflix together. 


 8. Smart Laser Teaser Ball 

With the press of a button, this self-rotating ball will take off and have your cat on its paws and giving chase! 

 9. Your cat will be on Cloud Nine with the Silver Vine Cloud Nine toy combo!

Designed by veterinary professionals who know what cats need and what owners want! Silver Vine Cloud Nine is a fine, catnip-like powder made from the silver vine plant, which is proven to be more effective than catnip.

silver vine cloud nine toy

10. Fill up your kitty's cup with a bit of Pinot Meow Cat Wine ...

Or invite them to brunch for bottomless Meowmosas!  What sort of celebration would it be without a kitty cocktail, after all? 

meowingtons pinot meow cat wine meowmosa cat cocktails


So on this day of pet love, be sure to give your cat plenty of head rubs and chin scratches - and maybe an extra little sprinkle of catnip on their favorite toys! 

Featured Image thanks to Ladyraegun, Instagram!  


  • Arthor Morgen

  • Arthor Morgen


    I bought these Back Scratcher set from this website which can for women & men

    3 pcs backscratchers set includes hands, bear claw, Eagle Claw

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