10 Purrfect 'Just Because' Gifts To Show You Care July 14 2017, 0 Comments

Get your best buddy, your pally-est pal a little something special just 'cause. Also, there are cats.  



1. This Cat Coloring Book (for adults who definitely know how to adult). Who says kids get to have all the fun, anyway?

cat coloring book for adults just because gifts cat lover


2. Diamond (Cat Earrings) are a girl's best friend. Other than you, of course! And maybe her cat. It's not a competition, right? ('Cause you'd win.)


diamond cat earrings just because gifts for friends


3. Nothing says 'I love you' like a dead mouse in your shoe. Or, you know, a personalized greeting card

blank cat greeting card cat stationary


4. "Yo, I heard you like cat mugs! So I put a cat's mug on your cat mug!"

Photo via: Instagram


5. Love the photo frame keychain! But where can I find that majestic creature in the photo?!


Photo via: Andrea Hayes 

6.  Okay, stick with me: Friendship bracelets. For cat lovers.

paws and ears bracelet bangle cat bangle cute friendship bracelet


7. With matching FRIENDSHIP rings

paws and ears cat ring silver cat ring

8. Your biffle can carry a cute li'l reminder of you with them wherever they go with little Skittles, the phone plugy!

Photo via: Instagram


9. Set your lasers to FUN with this Laser Cat Toy! (Okay, so this one is more if your cat is your best friend. Which ... Yeah. My cat is my best friend.) 

cat laser pointer


10. Help your best friend (or their cat) bee the best they can bee. 


bumblebee cat costume bee cat outfit
Photo via: Instagram






diamond cat earrings cat apparel cat shirt cat tee cat bathingsuit