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Paws and Ears Cat Bracelet

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For all the cat lovers out there who need their next kitty cat fix, we bring you the Paws and Ears Cat Bracelet. Easily adjustable to fit any wrist, all you need to do is very slowly stretch the paws to ensure the perfect, snuggly fit! If you are looking for a slim, sleek cat bracelet that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, this beautiful and elegant design is purr-fect for you. Plated using 14K white gold, the Paws and Ears Cat Bracelet is the perfect addition to your fine jewelry collection. And it may just be cuter than any regular bracelet you own. We only say this because, well, anything "kitty cat" is simply the cutest!

Paws and Ears Cat Bracelet Includes:

  • 1 14K White Gold Plated Adjustable Bracelet

ACCESSORIES Bracelet Line.


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