Charming Neighbor Cat Waits Outside for his Best Friend Every Day July 23 2020, 3 Comments

Romeo and Juliet. Tristan and Isolde. Ross and Rachel. Iconic couples for the (fictional) history books. We've got two more names to add to that list, folks: Ralph and Nala. It's a true story of "The Cat Next Door" love. 

Every day, a handsome tabby named Ralph comes to collect his neighbor (and soulmate), Nala, for playtime.

According to Reddit user franwalker26, "Ralph comes to collect our cat (Nala) for playtime every day and waits outside like this."  

neighbors cat love cat romance cute cat love

According to Nala's owner, Ralph does indeed have owners and is well-cared for in his own home. 

He just doesn't want to be kept apart from his beautiful calico soul mate.  

When Nala's people let Ralph in, he greets them happily before heading off to find Nala.

how to pet cat cat head butts


Ralph and Nala like to pal around Nala's house lookin' for trouble.


neighbors cat love cat romance cute cat love

If Ralph is a bit late for his date, Nala looks for him.

Here she is doing the "meerkat," trying to spy with her little eye where her man is. 


meerkat cats standing up

I think I sense a  cat wedding  in their future! 

It's a nice day for a cat wedding. Don't you think?

cat wedding cat groom cat bride

Don't worry, though. According to Nala's owner, neither cat has the "necessary equipment" to start a family together. 


Have you ever seen a love quite like this?