Little Boy Sends Out Adorable Invitations For a Surprise Cat Wedding



It's not every day that you get invited to a cat's wedding. It's even more out of the ordinary when you get invited to your own cat's wedding. 

But that's exactly what happened to Ashely Shields when she found a handwritten note from her 11-year-old neighbor, Brady.

Brady decided it was high time that his cat, Silver, was made an honest kitty and got married to his neighbor's cat, Pedro. All this was unbeknownst to Shields until she received the note in her mailbox. 


tuxedo cat



"You are invited!" the invitation reads. "Silver will be marrying Pedro. There will be tuna cake and Silver and Pedro are going to be dressed up nicely." It was also noted that formal attire for guests was not required. 


cat marriage


The blushing bride, Silver, wore a simply cut white dress and hand fashioned veil, dressed to her nine lives on her special day.



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She is seen here waiting for the ceremony to begin, perhaps a bit nervously. Cold paws, perhaps?




Shields, legally authorized to officiate weddings, presided over the ceremony and read the couple's "me-vows." The couple was surrounded by friends and family as they were brought together in holy catrimony.



Pedro, the groom, seemed more interested in the tuna cake and couldn't wait to dig in. Hopefully, Pedro will learn to share  (what's mine is yours, etc) and the newlyweds will live in wedded bliss and not wedded hiss!


tuna treats for cats




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  • Marsha Crom

    MMMm Tuna cake, Puuurrrfect.

  • Mary Robinson

    That is hands down. the cutest, sweetest thing I have every seen! Congratulations to the Newlyweds!!

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