Floating Felines to Fall in Love With


You've heard of underdogs; Now get ready for (pause for effect) undercats! No, no, not the ThunderCats. Undercats. You know, photos of cats on glass tables taken from underneath, an all-new way to flail at pictures of cats on the Internet. 

There will be floof. There will be whiskers. And the best part? There will be tons and tons of squishy toe beans. Yes, you've seen kitty cat peets before. But not like this!



Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! No, it's a UFO! 

(Unidentified Feline Object)


bird cat




Perfectly symmetrical, from tail to toe bean, even down to that tiny blep.  


cat paws toebeans kitty peetsSource: Andrius Burba



Gravity has no power here.

sky cat flying cat


Cats cannot be so easily contained. 

cat clouds


Cats are masters of the fluff. And also the void. 

fluffy cats maine coone catSource: Andrius Burba


Here we have a Photo-copycat, featuring a multicolored 4k toe bean display. 


photocopy cat cat scanner


The fluffiest, tuftiest kitty cat peets in the wild, wild west. 


ginger cat meowingtons


A Very Round Cat, à la Fernando Botero. 


round cat scottish fold
Source: Andrius Burba

meowingtons mothers day dear mom gifts for cat mom cat lover gifts



Here we have a trio of highly-trained surgical staff examining their patient in the opurrating room.


cat doctor


Just take a look at this floating pancake cat.


pancake cat hover cat


"But how could you see me? The glass was frosted!"


the frosted glass the producers



Just look at that blep! 




And this big ol' happy pumpkin.



And this supermodel with stunning markings, workin' it on the catwalk. 


bengal cat meowingtons






meowingtons mothers day dear mom gifts for cat mom cat lover gifts



  • inara

    please ignore the comment below me, i honestly dont mind it, and also thehe pics are amazing. i may not have a cat, but they are adorable



  • tkse

    Adorable – love all these precious kitty “peets”!

  • Katherine

    There is absolutely NO WAY to get through these photos and be in a bad mood. I don’t care what’s going on in life – the repeated “ooohing” and “aaahhhing” these pictures elicit will remove any trace of negativity you feel. Even the Grinch would melt – the sweetness just warm your heart!

  • Jo Ann

    Words cannot contain the warmest, cutest, fluffiest, snugglyest, perrfectiest, loveliest, cat animal. Thanks for a perrfect good morning!

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