Cat Owner Fakes His Death To Test His Cat, Records His Unexpected Reaction


Youtube influencer Cory Williams (aka Mr. Safety) recently attempted to answer a questions cat lovers have likely wondered for years: How would my cat react if I died? It might seem a bit on the macabre side, but it's a question rooted in our own human insecurities. Perhaps you yourself have found yourself wondering, "Does this small, fluffy creature that I would literally die for feel the same way about me? Does my cat love me?"

Williams himself asked this question. So he decided to put his cat, Sparta, to the test - he faked his death and played dead in front of Sparta and filmed the results. Watch the video below to see Sparta's reaction.



It seems that Sparta didn't buy into his dad's overdramatic death scene. But everyone's a critic these days, even the cats - well, especially the cats. Even though the, uh, "experiment" might not hold up to scientific standards, it's a pretty adorable representation of Sparta's relationship and affection for his human dad. She clearly knows he's not dead and takes his visual cues that, hey, it's naptime. 



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  • DeAna

    My cat Shady was scared to see me take a bath. I had my hair in a bun and she started biting my bun trying to pull me out of the water.

  • Rene Patterson

    Sparta, and all cats, are too smart for that! Sparta could tell his dad was alive, his cat-senses let him know that. He was walking around, trying to figure out why dad was asleep on the floor. I loved Sparta’s response, though, too cute!!

  • Christin

    That was a very interesting video:) I’ve followed Sparta on YouTube for a while and know he loves his human dad. Just the cutest reaction ever. Let’s face it, cats are too smart and one day they will rule this world with a iron paw. I’d already started lol. Love you Sparta :) and your cute videos. Sparta- King of YouTube.

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