5 Ways Your Cat Shows You Love


Even though the only gift I got this morning was a hairball on my favorite rug, it’s okay. I know my cats still love me! At least ... I’m almost 99.9% sure they’re not just in it for the treats.

If you find yourself like me, wondering for the briefest moments, “Does my cat really love me?” don’t worry. Here are 5 of the many ways cats show their love!



 What are some ways your beloved cat shows you some love? Let us know in our comments! 




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  • mona caywood

    Tyree brings me his favorite toy and puts it in my lap. He doesn’t want me to throw it. He wants me to HAVE it. Jim Bob is big on showing his belly and kneading..Harriette does the blink thing….she’s skittish..love from afar.

  • JoAnn

    Although I just lost my Miss Bea after a good 17 years of love, I really miss how she would come up and pat me with her from paw to get my attention or to let me know she wanted some treats. It wasn’t just one pat, she would tap several times and wait, and if you were not responding fast enough, she’d just keep repeating until you did. Miss that sweet girl.

  • jmuhj

    All of the above happen frequently here, and the best of all is when my tortoiseshell treasure shivers her tail at me. <3

  • Sue Line

    My cat, Phoebe, does all 5 things to show she loves me

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